Thursday, June 22, 2006

My fren ah Meow...haha...

Here r sum photo tat I find it very funny n interestin in sum of d emails forwarded to me. And all tis cats photo reminds me of Melisa...muahaha....

~ Tis is how Ah Meow look like when she stretch herself. =) ~

~ Tis is d hot n sexy Ah Meow when she go teach swimming. Muahaha....D 2nd wan shows d satisfaction look of her when she caught a 'mouse' n when she get to lay on her sofy bed.~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

3 Devil in Black

~ mE, rAcHeL & aPpLe @ TaStY tAsTy ~

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Missing...


Been missing in action quite sum time. Okayz… I tink I juz summarize wat I’ve been doin, into, experienced n d current stuffs in d period of my missing time.

Last 2 weeks, I was at K.L for 3 days 3 nite. Along tat were good time n d awful, bad luck n unhappy moments. But after al, it ended all well. Basically, thr is plan for me once I arrived at K.L on Thurs nite. Sum was successfully goes well n sum r not in my ways. Damn I hate tat. I took 1 day leave wif d intension of settled up my college stuffs. And d stupid coll management is like shit. Reali disappoint me. Here goes d journey.

THURSDAY NITE (01/06/2006)

~ Supposedly mamak wif Swee Jin. But ended up sumtin bad happened which delay d time n ended up not meetin him coz he hav to work d next day. So, I went mamak wif Apple n Rachel at Sentul. If I’m not mistaken, d mamak name is Naili’s Corner. Anyone noes tat? I went thr once before wif my coll frens n tat is reali a nice place. Recommend. Why ar? Coz its a cool place. Haha… Imagine a mamak wif ‘pondok’ up d tree which u can climb up n yamcha thr. But wif condition tat u r more den 4/5 person. D pondok is quite big. I dunno. Dey juz hav tis rule. Probably dey scared too lil ppl wil make d ‘pondok’ not balance n ‘runtuh’. Hahah…Juz my wild guess. From wat I observed, thr is few sections wif different feels for u to choose. D pay counter is décor wif beach feel. Wif al those nice songs playin. Foods u found in Café r most probably provided here too.

FRIDAY (02/06/2006)

~ Went to coll early in d mornin to settle d stuffs. And it ended up d management told us tat d bill is not out yet. But Apple hav double confirmed wif d management b4 we waste our time quarrellin thr. I neva knew tat d coll management is so SYSTEMATIC until I encounter tis situation. Damn tat is terrific. I hate d management n how d ways those ppl work thr tok to me. Dey r d one who is wrong but dey dun seem admittin it. Idiot ppl.

~ Ok dunwan tok bout those stupid ppl d. Den me, Apple n Rachel went KLCC to hav lunch wif Teresa at Kimgary. Finally, my maxis probs is done. Cheers!! At least thr is sumtin done.

~ Went Jusco wif Apple n cousin, Rachel n cousin n me. She wanna buy d ingredients n dunno wat stuff for tat nite dinner. Yeah, she can cook. Not like me. Haha… So, dinner at her house n went for dessert after tat. Meet up wif Swee Jin. Went Jalan Imbi for ‘Tong Sui’ wif Apple, Rachel, Swee Jin n me. D dessert shop name is Tasty Tasty (Hau Wei Tau). D ‘Siew Long Pau’ is so nice loer. Avting was great thr. Reali Tasty Tasty ar…Haha…

SATURDAY (03/06/2006)

~ Suppose to go back home since Apple is workin. But mana tau she end up din go work. And she got a REASONABLE reason for tat. Haha… Den we went MidValley wif Yien n Venny since she not workin. We had our lunch at tis Indian Restaurant in MidValley. Not much ppl noes bout tis place. Especially, if u r not an Indian or Indian foods lover. Sumtin special bout tis place too. It is a Charity Restaurant. Dey hav no price list for their foods. U pays how much u wan. Its for charity purposes. U only needs to pay RM2.00 for d government tax. N tat day when we went, it is d buffet day. Muahah…. Oh ya, and dey hav tis very nice Lassi.

~ I bought a blouse after so long. Its been sumtime tat I dun really do any shoppin. Den, juz dunno y. Me n Apple feels tired of walkin. So, we stop by at Sushi King while waitin for d 2 gurls to finish theirs. Apple’s uncle sudd call her n ask her to join dem for dinner coz her grandma came to K.L. So, she brought me along. Hehe… Its been sumtime again tat I didn’t meet her grandma n aunty. Dinner is at California Pizza House. Paiseh to say. This is my 1st time dine thr. Im so lucky. Muahah… 5 pizza 3 spaghetti n 1 more dunno wat dish cost d uncle bout plus minus RM300.

~ After dinner, went to d uncle condo which I dunno d name. But d condo is juz next to KL Central LRT Station. Anyone noes d name of tat condo? Nvm…Its not tat matter. It is a real nice condo. U can see d view of KL city from d house. U can c all nice car at d parkin lot. I saw Subaru n Evo-8(if Im not mistaken) side by side n few steps frm my fren car. Fuiyoh… I took d photo but wif Apple’s digicam.

SUNDAY (04/06/2006)

~ Had lunch wif Apple, Yien n Venny at Wangsa Maju. One of d place I used to had my lunch back when I stil study thr.

~ Den, went Carrefour wif Apple to look for Huey Fern.

~ Den, went back Klg n look for Mel coz I wanna wash my car nearby her house. So, I hang out at her place while waiting for my car to take bath. Hehe…

MONDAY (05/06/2006)

~ Go to work n meet my new colleague. Erm… Okayz la. Can get along. Tot tat I pass her sum of my work d den I can b more free. But god noes. I got lots more to do now. Ish…I even hav to handle d sales now.

~ Went Pandan Indah, Cheras to celeb my pet sis bday. She brought me to tis Café name Station One. Tis place a very good one too. Nice environment, delicious foods n drinks, good service, pleasant songs n fun entertainment. Basically, avones in d Café play games provided thr. It is fun even u juz look at d next table playin it. I have forgotten how to spell tat ting. Izzit called UNO Stacko? I dunno. Dey hav porker cards, dice game and chess. D most famous n played by almost avones in d Café is d UNO Stacko ting.

~ Meet up wif Teresa at thr too since she stay nearby. She come wif Yvonne. But she actually came thr straight frm her studio after dancing. Had a great moment chattin wif them.

TUESDAY (06/06/2006)

~ Went karaoke wif my pet sis n her fren. Actually, 6th of June is her actual bday. Nothin much. 3 hrs karaoke n den balik tidur.

WEDNESDAY (07/06/2006)

~ Din go anywhr oso tnt. Went dancing wif cousin sis den go back sleep.

THURSDAY (08/06/2006)

~ Yamcha wif Shin Yee n Li Teng at d new open LEO’s Café at Bukit Tinggi, Klg. Erm… d place not bad laer. Environment ok. But thr is stil more to improve. Drinks r not really up to level. Wat Im tryin to say is d drinks dun tastes as wat it written in menu. Eg. D menu stated a drinks wif banana/orange flavor in it. But we dun taste any of tat taste. Too mild I guess. But bein d only Café found in Bukit Tinggi, tat is good d. Shows tat d place is developin n growin.

FRIDAY (09/06/2006)

~ Finally, I rest a day. Haha….Din go out at al after work. Slept earlier tat day oso. Im so good gurl n healthy. *blink blink*

SATURDAY (10/06/2006)

~ After work go back home. Den sleep. *smile* Went up to SS2, PJ wif Shin Yee to hav dinner wif Mel. She “chiew” me thr wan. In d beginning, I don’t wanna go due to my poor eyesight. It is getting worst. She bising me laer. Den I gave in since I hav nothing to do on a Saturday nite.

~ Dinner at tis Island Café recommended by Mel. Not bad laer d place. Island Hawaii types feel. Foods n drinks quite good. I called tis dunno wat Japanese rice la. It is fried chicken wif thousand island sauce n white rice. Too much thousand island make me a bit ‘jelak’ when I finish eatin. But overall, it is a nice one if it came in small portion. We drink beers b4 we left. Actually neva in our plan tat we drink ordered beers for our second drinks. It is bcoz we were tokin bout sad n unhappy moment tat time. So, it juz naturally brought up d urge of callin tat. Wat a good combination. Sad moment’s wif beers to cheer up. Hahah… Shin’s is d one who sudd suggest tat. Haha…Unexpected.

SUNDAY (11/06/2006)

~ Movie wif my pet sis. The DaVincci Code. Confusing. Haha…Code here n thr. Mayb I din really pay attention n follow d flow of d movie. History makes me dizzy.

~ Dinner wif family at LEO’s Café again. Haha…. Foods reali need improvement too. Neva listens to gurl staff recommendation. Understand? *smile*

I din noes thr is so many nice place until recently. Thanks n credit given to all d ppl who brought me to tis places. Muacks Muacks….. Hahah…. Bz life keeps me stop tinkin. Im a negatively overdose tinker when I hav nothing to do or alone. Tat is real serious. I noe. So, u ppl muz not stop ‘buggin’ me. Muahahah…. Chioz.