Saturday, September 30, 2006

Alien Everywhere

Damn pist off wif the ppl around me. Its like I juz drop from another planet/world to here. Ppl around me tis week acted so weird. 1st of all, dey dun understand wat I say. 2nd, force me to do sumtin I dunwan to do eventhough in a not obvious way. Probably dey tink it is fun n dey r not forcin me. 3rd, I encounter n hear a lots of moron stories. Wat is goin on wif my surroundin???

And lastly, to tat bitch who mouth bitches my jimuiz. U beta enjoy ur day whr u can. Coz Im gonna invite u to the HELL if u do anyting to hurt my jimuiz sumore. U wait la. Im planning good event for u once u get back from ur blardy hometown.

For more details n more elaboration bout all tis shit ppl is gonna delay as Im goin off now. Rushin to sum mental balancin outing. Chioz !!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ah Gu Gu Ga Ga ???

It still makes me frust even when Im typing tis. Honestly, I still dunno wat causes tis communication breakdown. Tell me the truth, you really dun understand wat Im sayin? You really DON'T??? Fine den. Okayz. The story goes like tis. Dunno since when it started, ppl around dun seem understand wat Im sayin and wat Im tryin to mean by wat I said. *bangs head against wall coz explain till duno wat to say ady*

Ah gu gu ga ga??? So, tis is wat I sound like when I actually sayin sumtin while nowat u ppl hear is ah gu gu ga ga? Now I understand why u ppl dun understand me... So, Im speakin baby language. Good. So, I sound like Im talkin in sum foreign unrecognisable language. Brilliant. So, all u heard is monkey shoutin. Excellent. (drew...I dun mean u.Haha...)

Wackoevil... Like wat u ppl said is so understandable. Do you noe I make big efforts to understand wat u sayin whr sumtime u urself dun even noe wat u tryin to say or how to express urself. So, I understand now. Your communication levels is a level ahead me. Tats y no ones understand wat Im sayin. Its felt like the sign
*DANGER !!!UNRECOGNISABLE LANGUAGE/MEANING* keep blinkin when Im tokin. Den follow by No Matter You Understand Wat Estee Sayin Onot, Juz Nod Or Say Yes. Den before I manage to take a breath, u ask me the same question which I have juz answer u or sumtin I hav juz told you n you repeat it as sumtin you juz thaught of and feel so damn proud which u make it ur words. Damevil...

Avtin went wrong once I open my mouth. Not only wat I said is hard to understand. Even my questions dun seem meetin its answers.

Situation 1

~ Me n fren after a few vice-versa sms.~
Me : Hey, dunwan to disturb u study la. Exam comin soon d.
Fren : Why exam cannot chat wif ppl and relax wan aer?
Me : No aer. I dun mean so. Tot u need more time to study. So ma dunwan disturb u only ma. Why u say so ler?
Fren : I neva understand. Why ppl exam den will hav less time to entertain fren n fren keep tinkin dey r disturbin. If I feel disturbed, I wil tel u.
Me : Har??? I dun understand oso n I dun mean tat way. R u too stress studyin? If u feel like carry on, den its ok wif me.
Fren : Thr u go again. Study surely got stress wan ma. Juz see how u handle only. Why when sumone acted differently durin exam season, den u ppl wil surely say it bcoz exam stress? Wtf... Since u say I stress studyin n no time entertain u coz wanna study den up to u laer. Chat next time la. I wanna study d.
Me : *Blur n on fire* I tink u get me wrong. I really dun mean as wat u said. Nvm den. We chat sum other time. Carez.

As u can see, I din even say a single word related to wat he sayin. 'Tak pasal-pasal I kena fitnah. Kesiannya aku.' So, tis is the ah gu gu ga ga Im sayin. The Situation 1 is juz an example. If it happen to be similar wif any real life situation you encounter, it is no big deal. This is life. But mine is juz an example as I doesnt wan to revealed the real situation. But it is sumtin close to this.

Situation 2

~This is a real one. I encounter it myself. I noe my malay and english language command is very lousy too but to compare to this. U so gonna agree tat I made big effort to understand them.~

WE pronounce :
1) See through as See through
2) Top Student as Top Student
3) Ngorat(malay words) as Ngo_rat ~ meanin : tackle
4) Pijak(malay words) as Pijak ~ meanin : step

SUMONE pronounce :
1) See through as Chi tuu
2) Top Student as Top Sweden / Top Swedin or probably Sardine
3) Ngorat as Go_let
4) Pijak as Pijat

So, tats all for now. Coz if I dun stop now, I noe I will neva stop complaining.
*This post was suppose to be up long ago. But I forgot bout it d. Hehe...*