Friday, April 28, 2006

Who look like a fool ??

Shud i named myself naive or stupid? haha.... I juz dunno n my ques are unanswered yet. Look, I juz got myself a 4-wheel baby lately .Aarr... or shud i say finally. Ah,wateva. Den, 90% of the ppl around me said tat i shudnt speed. Coz it was a new car,new engine,engine not yet brush up,blah blah blah... And ya noe, all those advises for a new car. Dey told me to drive slowly up to 1000km edy, den only accelerate. Some said its beta if i drive max 60/hrs, n some said i can speed up to 80/hrs. While d 10% said dun giv a damn on tat. Juz "gasar" d car onli. So, im miserable. But i followed wats majority said.

On my 1st day drivin to work, i feel so stupid n stress. Why i feel so? Coz im drivin 60/hrs in d third lane n all sort of big truck n lorries is cutting past me. Eventually, sum old cars is even faster den me. (i noe u r laffin) Aarrgghh.... n especially when im drivin to work tat time. Avones seem rushin to work n i looked like im relaxin n not in hurry. Honeymoon on d highway, "chor chi tei kau juen" only. While goin back home from work is not tat bad. No ones care tat much.

Ppl look at me one kind like how i used to looked at sum slow driver last time when im in hurry n dey r snailing more den drivin. I was wonderin wats is on their mind. Shud it be
~ "Wats wrong wif tis new car drivin so slow? Even my car is faster." - for old cars driver
~ "Why r tis 'young lady' drivin her new car so slow in d morning? Her car shudnt b slower den mine coz im wif tonnes of burden." - for trucks n lorries driver
~ "Aiyo, drivin like a snail. Blockin d way only. If u wanna snail, go sum small 'lorong' n snail thr." - for normal cars driver who is rushin to work (tats my phrase actually,hehe...)

Den d next day, i give up. I ask my bro to drive my car to work n i ask my colleague cum n fetch me. haha... Later on, parents, bf, colleagues n uncle convinced me to drive 80/hrs to work. Dey say if i dun drive, den its took longer to reach 1000km. So, d next day i drove to work again. Same ting happened but not as terrible as d 1st day. Coz im drivin 80/hrs. Slightly faster den sum snails. haha...

So, im wonderin :-
1) Am i being fooled or it's true?
2) I look stupid or my car look more stupid? haha...
3) How can sum fast driver (coz i drive, i dun snail) like me can drive so slow n stil can 'tahan' d urge for speedin? ish ish....lolz

~Japan Delicacy~

Last week, my uncle n aunt juz came back from Japan for 4 days 3 nite vacation. Den dey came to my house n pass me my souvenir n Japan delicacy. Its is fun when u listen to their conversation. Wat dey did n wats goin on n wats dey encounter wif thru out d whole journey thr. D most interestin part is when my uncle tok bout d snoring ting. Dey went in a group. So, dey sleep separately which divides gurls n guys. Den my uncle say tat he doesnt noe thr is so many type of snorin sound. 'Berpatern-patern'...haha... Sum snoring like whistling, sum like farting but it is snoring, sum even like got attacked by asthma. It is more funny when my uncle acted out d ways dey snored. Tis Japan delicacy bought by my aunt not bad. Very crunchy. hehe...=) And she bought me sumtin look like keychain towards me...but she hav to say it was a chain tats hang on zip. Once again im wonderin y muz tis tiny lil ting hav to hang on zip n not on other ting as like other keychain. My aunt even ask me to clip on my pants zip. I was like har? My pants zip u mean? No No No... Im not goin to do so. D most i wil hang it to my key. Is my aunt misunderstand d usage of d lil keychain or is Japan actuali do made such ting for such purpose? Arrr...
.weird weird.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Still wonderin...

Im still struggling to fix my setting...wanted to blog since yesterday...but dunno is d blogspot probs or mine...maybe i kept republishing my changes...tats why it hang...Was using frendster blog before tis...but frendster blog functions is gettin so sucky nowdays...malfunction most of the time which ended up i have no commands in d color setting,probs in posting photo,d fonts,n dunno wats more...basically juz avting bout it is problematic...finally, i decided to give up on tat blog...frens recommended blogspot...sayin it is easy to use n d functions all is much much more beta den frendster's,here i am givin it a hit...tryin out whether my frens got "kelentong" me or not...after 2 days, i tink my setting is ok ok by now..hehe...since it wont be fixed in 1 day...why dont i juz start blogging n meanwhile learn to change my setting n beautify my blog later on..till den....chioz.....