Friday, July 27, 2007

Happily Graduated

*very long post*

Yes!!!! Finally, I ended my graduation wif convocation. I was actually in dilemma whether to go for da convo or juz went missing on that day. But in the end mama say she is goin. So, I went. Honestly, if its not due to da family request I will not register to attend the boring-to-death-and look-stupid convocation. And if mama not goin on that day, I’ll surely went missing in action doin something else. Coz c’mon guys….imagine how da situation will be on that day. I’ve blog bout it in da previous post. That will be how it gonna be and Im not boasting. It will gonna be like that on that day. Plus on whether I go for da convo or not I will still be getting my cert. It is juz a ceremony after all.

Okayz, enuff saying. Lets talk bout how it looks like that day. My convo was on last Saturday 21/07/2007 afternoon session. Firstly, it did look awful and moody coz mama and I went for da convo only. Mama follows me to da college earlier coz I need to register. Da BF says he couldn’t make it due to a meeting wif da BIG boss. Apple is not comin coz workin part time. Mel, Joyce, Yien and Gina will come after the convo. So, its kinda stupid that I go to the coll earlier and register then simply intro how my life is when I was back at coll studyin to mama. It was like another hrs plus to go before the ceremony start. Mama says she kinda hungry and we don’t wanna leave the coll coz scared when we got back I have no parking. So, I brought mama to da coll lousy canteen which I myself back in studyin don’t even eat there. Not that I pickin foods. Its juz that back at that time, most of my coll-mates will go elsewhere to eat even it is juz a 2hrs break. And most of my coll-mates drive to coll last time. Then can tumpang lor. Okayz, back to the story. Mama and I ordered some food and eat-look-talking till its time for me to get ready.

So, we walked back to the coll hall and I juz slip on da convo gown outside da toilet bcoz it is like tuna paste in there. Those other girls are all changing and doin their make-up in there. Panas like oven. Den I went lining up behind those junior according to my name card no. given during registration. In front and behind of me also junior. Lagipun, they know each other. They were like askin each other who I am but not askin me. No guts! Blek! Dare to ask in front of me but dare not ask me. Askin anyone see me before and whether I was in da wrong line. Wanted to shut them off by tellin them “elloz sai lou, Im ur senior here. Not forgettin to say is da lousy senior. Coz I failed my final paper and Im not graduating wif my coll-mates but wif u all siew di di.” Then probably that will shut them off. Even worst is one of them saying probably Im those students who don’t attend classes that’s why they didn’t see me before. Wtf…Im speechless. =_= If Im one of those u were saying then Im so great. Coz even I don’t attend classes and no ones recognize or know my existence but I still graduating wif u ppl. Feel so great if that’s true. But it only happen if Im invisible. Haha…

Then we were ordered to enter the coll hall in queue after a briefing. Everyone enter the coll hall wif penuh bergaya and hook da smile on their faces. While I walk in like being force and no big grand big deal wif da somebody step on my tail look. Hehe…. I tried lookin around to see where mama seated but I juz couldn’t see her. She say she is waving to me when I entered da hall but obviously Im half blind coz till I seated also I don’t see her. And I look stupid again when both my left and right junior is still figuring who I am. They were like talking thru my ears askin each other those “You talk to her d?” and “You ask her lar where she from?” Elloz…..Im not deaf ok! But still I choose to remain silent and buat muka bodoh that I do not listen to any words they said. While Im still wif da somebody step on my tail look, da BF suddenly sms me saying he reach already. He is sittin wif my mama. Da BF ask why Im not smiling and kept reminding me to smile when I go up da stage to receive da scroll. Don’t give da killing look to da Dato. Mwahaha…. Imagine how stupid da situation is. Da left and right junior is still cracking their head finding out who am I and I was busy sms wif da BF, Mel, Apple and Glendon. In between, u will see me smiling to myself readin their replies. Ish…BODOH-nya.

This situation was carried on till da big moles (VLP = VeryLatePeople) finally arrive. Then my courses is the 1st batch to go up da stage and receive stroll. So, we line up again and got up da stage. And when da announcer called up my name, I walked wif penuh bergaya and shook hand wif da Dato den pose for a photo while saying thank you Dato then I walk down da stage and went back to my place. Again Im half blind coz mama say she is waving at me once AGAIN and I don’t seem to see where she seated. She is too dark and skinny liau la. Or maybe some big size ppl seated in front of her. That’s why I don’t see her. Haihz… Da stupid ceremony continue wif a speech from da Dato which make many of us fall asleep. Coz Im one of them. Mwahaha…. Da convo finally ended wif the “Negaraku” song at 4.15pm. I was so excited that it finally finish that I jump off my seat and faster go out and look for da BF and mama. Da BF came wif a bouquet of purple rose to match my convo gown. Hehe…I was pretty curious how he manage to escape from da boring meeting and came on time to attend my convo. He told me that he told his BIG boss that he had a very IMPORTANT appointment and he muz go for it. He ask da BIG boss to continue on Monday. Btw, the meeting is only 2 of them. So, its no big deal if the meeting is postponed he said. So happy can pengsan.

But… was raining that time. So people tend to cramp in front da coll hall and take photo there. Seeing such situation and Im actually should be rushin to da hospital after that. So, I decided to msg Mel they all and ask them no need come liau. It is raining and I plan to cabut already. Mel call me after da msg and say she is already on her way reachin. Ask me to stay and wait for her. After much persuading, I stay till 5pm. But if they still don’t turn up by then I have to leave liau. Joyce call me and say she is on the way too. Ask to wait again. What else. Wait lor…
While waiting them to arrive, da BF cannot stop takin photo and bising bout how hungry he is. He only had bread for breakfast and then rush to my convo skipping his lunch and it was like already 5pm. Hunger to die. So kesian. Haha…Finally, they arrive. Joyce called and asked where am I. And I told her at da right side of da hall beside da ladies. And here comes the surprise moment. Joyce came wif Apple. I was like kinda shocked how she managed to come. I guess she came during her break time but forgettin she is workin at MidValley instead of KLCC. After a while hugging n hitting, she told me actually she cancelled her part time job like 3 weeks ago before the convo. And I’ve been nagging and complaining bout she is not being a good jimuiz coz she couldn’t attend my convo for like 3 weeks straight and she juz swallow all da bullets I shoot her. Hehe… Thanks gal for da sacrifice. Huggie and muackies. I heart you. Oh ya, da rich siew didi I enjoy quarelling wif came too. Presenting da anak kaya Li Kae Seng. Hahaha….

What else will it be greater than cam-whore. Mwahaha….. Everyting ended a bow of thank u to all of them. Hug hug again before everyone leave separately. Once again I would like to thanks all of u gals and Gasing for willing to waste some of ur precious time to attend my No-Big-Deal convo. You all really make my day. Muacks…. Oh…. And I got another bouquet of sunflower from Apple, Joyce and Mel. Not forgetting a big thanks to Apple again. Coz she bought one of my “want lists” item. Is a very beautiful bag I’ve been eyeing for but no stock anymore. She manage to get da bag again from the re-order session instead of getting it for herself (coz she crazy over that bag too). Hehe…. Weeee……..Happy Graduation.

P/s : Photo is not wif me at da moment. Will post it up once I gathered all da photo. So, here a photo of da bag Apple gave me as graduation present.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Life SCREW-up without its DRIVER

Life is like a piece of shit now. Ugly, dirty, smelly, unwanted, lifeless, meaningless, useless & fuck-up. My life is like da screw without its driver. Literally means my life losses it guidelines.

Walking blindly.................................

Thinking blankly..............................

Avting I do or even not doin don't seem rite. It feel much terrible then regret. At least if I've choosen a path but it dun seem goin my way den its juz da feeling of regret n da "I shud have" choosen da other path feeling. But tis miserable fuckin situation Im facing now is far far more worst den I can choose or control. I juz can do da best out of da worst Im encountering.

Frens...I noe u are tryin to console n try to make me feel beta. But Im sorry. I dun feel any beta. Mayb I needs time to be alone n calm down. Apple...I dun mean 'lepaskan geram' at u oso. Sorry n I stil hate da god for da continuos obstacles or so called test for me. I had enuff !!! Dun tell me god test again. I HATE DA PERSON ABOVE WHO CREATED TIS DAMN PARIA CONTINUOSLY YEARLY DAMN KAU PROBLEMS.....Go DIE...

* No mood blog liau. Byez *