Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Since d souvenirs I got from my aunt n uncle when dey visited Japan bout 1 mths ago, Im gettin more n more now. Some sort of virus is goin on I guess. Coz not long after tat, I got tis souvenirs from cuzzie when she visited China. Later on, is from a fren tat came back frm US brought back d Green Nuts wif Wasabi. Funny coz she tot here dun hav n she got tat when she change plane at Japan. Den my boss back from business from Hong Kong. Den now souvenirs from Penang fren. Erm...wait...I tink it started not from Japan. It is infected since another cuzzie went Korea tat time. haha...

KOREA ~ Seaweed, Sweets, Keychain of Korean ppl n a meaningful tiny Chinese Hand Fan Shape Bookmark.

JAPAN ~ Crunchy Green Nuts, Lil Cupid Keychain n Chocolate bar.

CHINA ~ Sum 'Suen Mui' (Asam), Sweets, tiny Milk bar n Pearl cream for beauty usage. And my dad got a China Greatwall ashtray. Muahaha...

US ~ Wasabi Green Nuts n a warmth heart from a long-time-no-c fren. =)

HONG KONG ~ Famous 'Lou Po Peng' (Wife Cake). - I tink avones noes tis from d HK drama series Ngong Fu Seng Long acted by Ah Wong.

PENANG ~ Crabs, 'Ha Kol'- in canto (prawn best part which i dunno wat it called in eng) and 'Haer Chee'- in hokkien (fried prawn wif flour n taugeh) served wif chili sauce.

May d trend or virus continued on. Feel so nice when u r gettin lots of diff souvenirs from diff places n diff ppl. 1st u learned others culture n get to noes others places tings. 2ndly, those tings reminds u of d person who gav it to u. Tats d purpose when u gave sumone sumting.

And finally, last Sunday was my very 1st time attends wedding which is not my relative n diff race from me. Tis is d 1st time I attend a Malay Kenduri n sumone is not related to me as in relative. Kinda awkward when i reach thr. But tings seem goes pretty well den. Din stay thr too long oso. N I got d satay stick wif ribbon n an egg hangin ting.. Aarrgghhh.... Dunno wat it called. hehe.... Who cares !

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Was kinda tired this 2 days. Keep yawning n feeling so sleepy. Probaly bcoz d womens best fren is arrivin. Eventually, I sneak into d meeting room n take a short nap thr knowing tat boss wil not b comin in so early. hehe... And colleague helps me to 'tai sui'(see water) haha...

Im bored now. Only a fews fella on9 on my msn. So sienz. Nothin for me to do oso. Wanted to cal d bf but he juz terminated his line service due to d stupid centre keep charging him extra even his line has been barred for quite sumtime.

Were asked to work OT past 2 days which spoiled my plan. Were plannin to 'cabut' sharp at 5.30pm. Were so tired n sleepy, so plan to go back early n rest. But boss was 'KIND' enuff tat he asked me to work OT so tat i get sum extra money. But i dun even giv a damn on tat when im not in d mood n im freakin tired. I was kinda free before 5.30pm but it neva cross his mind tat he got tings for me to do until the dot im gettin ready to leave. Den only he remember thr is tis URGENT paperworks he need it to be done b4 i leave.

I dun care. Im goin back early today n no ones can stop me. Im leavin at the dot today n he cant stop me for sure. Coz he is in Johor Bahru d mins Im leavin. Muahaha... And then, tis punch card machine went 'sot plak' yest morning. Its keep repeatin auto programming. So, no ones was late tis 2 days. Coz d boss came in late n he signed d card for us n he hav to trust us. haha... Even thr is 1 or 2 of dem came late.

Thr is tis dancin class tnt n I was tinkin whether to go or not. Was plannin to meet d bf tnt if he off work early. While tml was supposely to go yamcha wif d old frens at Subang but again Im not sure whether i can make it or not. Coz scared my 'KIND' boss ask me to work OT again tml. Sigh...

After crappin so long, haih... I tink its time to go find sumtin to do. And tis is d most meaningless n woo liaw entry so far. muahaha....

~Sunset of Penang by Melisa Lim~

Monday, May 15, 2006

Busy month

Its been sumtime tat im not bloggin bout anyting(like thr is ppl actuali readin but i dun care). Was kinda busy. Activities markin up their places in my calendar. Last month which mean April, my activities was well organized. Coz all activities is fix to d days of d week which mean not out of sudden call or last mins plan. D only sudden or last mins plan is by ah mel callin out for drinks. haha...

But month of May is total diff. My fix activities stil remained goin on and ah mel call for yamcha is consider one of it d. haha... Startin from 1st of May which is d Labour Day, thr is whr all activities is queeing up filling d empty space in my calendar.

Meeting up wif jimuis is gettin more often since avones owned a 4-wheels now. So, gatherin is one after another. Others than tat, b'days are one of those activity tat fill up another empty bored days. Not to forget Mother's Day celebration. Sum old frens n my pet sis suddenly 'po tau' after so long din contact. Dey called me out of sudden n find me yamcha. Outing wif cuzzie n oso d times shared wif dearest bf. Thr is lots more comin soon.
So far, im satisfied wif d results of d outing n activities. Finally, I get back my stuff tat i left it wif my ex-housemate for almost a yrs. ngek ngek ngek... Finally, I bought the few tings on my searchin list. Finally, my baby 4-wheels reaches it service stage. 2 feelings at a time. Happy tat i can drove faster now. *wicked smile* In another hand, was kinda upset coz d service is not cheap. Burn a medium hole in my pocket. haha.. Finally, watch movie i wanted to watch n went c sum leng chai cars show. I almost broke due to d outing n activity. There is few plans tat i hope and wish tat either one of it will 'jadi'. *pray pray*

P/S - Apple, u beta make one of d plan jadi. If not i make u jadi smashed apple or apple juice. hehe...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kiddo Acts

Recently juz happened to see sum kiddo act tat makes me feel funny bout it. Firstly, was d incident tat took place durin my 'bah kut teh' session wif bf n few frens after d badminton session. We were enjoyin our chinese tea n crackin sum stupid jokes after d meal. Stil unwilling to lift our lazy ass n get home rest. While chit chattin n laffin tat time, suddenly a fren said sumtin not very clear to avones. Only d guy beside him heard tat. Den out of curiosity, another fella 'keppo' asked wat so funny. Den d guy juz pointed d table behind us n ask us to look at d kid tat table. Den he try to b in d kid position n say tis "I dunwan to eat pork la...U old ppl all like to eat meat. If u wanna eat ur 'bah kut teh', den buy me a burger". Den all of us laff. Catch wat im sayin? Tat kid family is all eatin 'bah kut teh'. While d kid alone munchin his Mc-Chicken at d corner. Weird weird....funny kiddo.

Den on Thursday rain kinda heavy around 5pm. Den outside my company was flood. Drain stucks wif rubbish n not running n d road is kinda not balance. Whenever raining, den thr will flood outside my company small road. Ok ok. Back to d point. Den i walk to d window n look out prayin d stupid heavy rain faster stop. Coz i wanna go back. Colleague was beside me watchin d rain oso. I was lookin to d right n he is lookin to d left. Den suddenly he tap my shoulder n ask me to look at his direction. About 5 kids was cycling in d rain. I noe tat is common. But dey kept cycle thru d flood area. Dey seem enjoyin d splash made by their bicycle. Can see thr is tis difficulty cycling thru tat flood. A lots of energy needed. Those happy expression on their face reali reminds me of how i used to play in rain too when im young. haha....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dump comp makes me PISS OFF...

I am very piss off last nite. Its been sum time tat i din use those adobe software. I was playin around wif d function of Illustrator n Photoshop. Was tryin to combined my Labour Day's outing photos. But ended up now 'habuk pun takde'.

Tired day yesterday. It was my mum's bday. So, go back early n went out for family dinner only. Din manage to get her a cake oso. Guess tat i 'po fan sou' on Sat. Den suddenly juz got d feeling to do sum sketches of d photos i snap d day before.

Den wat else. Start wif Photoshop to Illustrator. Click here n there. After 2 hrs struggling wif d software, fuuhhh.... Finally, its done. I noe it doesnt look perfect or professional enuff. But hey, its been ages i din touch tat ting. Its counted a good start oredi. Im satisfied coz i reali put effort n times in tat. Even d outcome is not tat good. Coz i hav returns wat i've learned to d lecturer.haha... Feel so 'kekok' using d software last nite. N im not sumone tat very creative i muz say.hehe...

So, wif d smile on face n click on d Save button. N rename my file. Waited it to SAVE. N onli d stupid dumb comp noe wat happened next. Not working at all. Stayin d same preview after so long. Minimize n maximize d window but ended up wif d same ting. Was tinkin probaly the stupid comp couldnt work so fast. It takes time for it to digest all d data info. So, i leave it thr from 15mins to 30mins. 45 mins to 1HRS liao...Oiiii.....Blardy comp showin (Not Responding) on the top bar. WTH !!! #$%^&*

AaaRRgggHHH.................So thr goes my 2 hrs efforts. Who shud i thanx? My bro for installin so many 'USEFULL' programme or my super incredible CPU. Or shud i admit tat was my luck. Or blame it on myself for being so CLEVER tat i did not save it while im workin on it. Den probaly i dun need to redo the whole ting over again. Stupid comp, so many days dun 'sot'. Yest sot pula. (Not Responding) rite?


erm.... Stil not responding aer? Good!!! Stupid comp...NAH!!! Take it. Deserve tat. bleh...=P