Thursday, August 17, 2006

Luck Recycle

Kinda lots of thing happened recently. Startin frm last 2 weeks Wednesday nite. My dad old Toyota radio got stole when we went out to eat nearby. WTF... The only valuable item in my dad's car. Luckily tat nite not drive my car. If tat happen to my car, Im gonna blocked all the ways out and smack the fella. If la I got the fella. Hehe...

On Friday, my LCD burn. Technician came on Sat and bring my LCD back for checkin and he say at least 2 weeks. Ish..... Den he borrowed us a monitor. Due to sum urgent paperwork needs to be done, boss ask Yati to borrowed me her LCD. So, the monitor tat the technician borrowed us was placed at Yati place while I use her LCD. I feel so bad coz it was my LCD tat burn not hers. Why muz she borrowed me her LCD while she use the old desktop? It is so unfair, rite? So, I asked my colleague to change for us but he say my desk space is limited so cannot put tat monitor on and Yati say it is ok. But I can see she is not tat ok after all.

And on Sat, I rejected a guy confession face to face. Im so evil but it juz doesnt work out. So, wat for waste time on sumtin whr u see nothin others den "Impossible n Neva be". I answer him frankly n very straight forward. I doesnt wan him to see any hope and Im doin tis for once n for all. So, tat he wont giv any try anymore which ended up annoyed me n I shut him off.

Nothin seem goin smooth, yea? Was planning for a weekend at Genting and it ended up cancelled due to sum reason. It been sumtime since my last visit thr. And it happened to be 2 weekends plan oso got cancelled. And wat make me more 'cha tou' is my bro went Genting wif his frens on d 2nd weekend while mine was cancelled. Haih.... Sienz loer....

Luckily last week, avtings I encounter is good tings. I got a day out of office wif the boss to Low Yat Plaza to buy sum computer stuffs. Went for Japanese foods as lunch wif customer n boss at Faber Tower near OUG if Im not mistaken. The restaurant name is IKKYU. The foods is nice as I dun need to pay a penny for it. Haha... I ordered the Chicken Teppanyaki Set while boss ordered a Sashimi to share wif me. Damn... so FRESH, so YUMMY.... Wat a good day.

Im turnin to an alcoholic real soon. Nowdays, wheneva plan "yamcha" wif my pet sis sure end up "yam chau" wan. Den slowly it bcum our drinks and we even hav our own reserved table. Tis weekend I went for 2 days in a row to "yamchau" wif her. Terrible me. Others than tat, finally I watch movie in the cinema again after quite sumtime. If Im not mistaken is I "merajuk" when I dun get to watch Tokyo Driff in the cinema. So, I "mogok". Muahaha... Watch the 'Beneath Still Water'. Wat do I tink bout it? Erm... I dun take it as a scary movie but a gross one. The part whr the devil tear open the victims mouth is so eeewwww..... And thr is tis ahpek sit next to me fall asleep not even 30mins frm d movie started. Wackoevil...

Basically, my luck seem recycling tis month. Bad den good... Haihz..... Signing off.........

Monday, August 14, 2006


This couldn't be said more beautifully...
Be careful if you make a woman cry,
because God counts her tears.
A woman came out of a man's rib.
Not from his feet to be walked on,
not from his head to be superior over,
but from his side to be equal.
Under the arm to be protected,
and next to the heart to be loved.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

Good and Bad

There is neva a balance or double good tings happen in a time. Its alwiz take and give. Im gettin my RM100 back but in returns I got my foot hurt. Yati tot of a trick tat save back my RM100 and I cannot hav any late coming anymore for tis month. Im lucky tat she tot of tis way. So 'Nan Tak' can save back my RM100, cannot lose again. So, gambatte.

Estee will neva be seein walkin bare footed again in d office. I learn from my lesson eventhough it is juz a few steps walk. In returns of gettin my attendance allowance back, I had tis 2.5cm long cut n dunno how many cm deep on my foot. Last entry was sayin the TARC student tat got snatch n slash by snatcher tat I saw his blood drippin. Now its my turn. I was walkin bare footed to the photocopy machine to talk to Yati. I tot it was juz the few steps distance. So, I din slip on my office sandal. And wat else, I slashed my bare foot on a STAPLES tat stuck on the carpet. Den I jump back my place and get sum tissue to wipe the blood. Now u can track me by followin my blood stain tat I drips on the floor. hehe... It has been 2 days tat Im walkin like long short legs. Kesian punya aku. Sighz...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Unidentified causes of Jam

Im slowly turnin to an evil person tat I've been cursin so bad for 2 days morning. Jam at Kesas Highway for no particular reason. Ok ok. I can 70% accept the fact tat the highway jam on Monday mornin due to raining. 20% is bcoz sum *laidbackidioticdriver* is driving so damn slow. Already in the midst of jam and late for work liau sumore drive so slow and leave big gap between cars. WTF... Another 10% is real weird. U were stuck far far behind not knowin the reason tats make the jam in front. And when u reached tat zone den u realise thr is nothin tat causes the jam and it was so spacious all the way ahead. What will u do? Me? Im cursin the shit outta dem. I bliv is sum snails driver who slow me down.

Okayz...So, tat was Mon morning. Den Tues morning I left house earlier. And guess wat. Im stuck in the jam again. And it was so damn hot n bright yest morning. The sun is like juz been polish. It was so striking shinning orangy. Heheh...So, probably tis is the reason tat causes the jam tis morning, haer? Too bright until cannot c the road issit? Kesas crew has open an extra lane on the opposite ways. Tats mean I hav 4 lane not includin emergency lane on my side. But it is stil like tuna paste. Alots driver struggle to get to d extra lane which dey thaught much faster. It was once more faster but now tat avones share d same thaught d. So, it makes d lane so crowded.

Today, I left home 5mins earlier den yest. And it doesnt make much diff. Im late by 2mins oso. Conclusion is I juz burn my RM100 attendance allowance. Tat is a lots and it is the easiest earning RM100. Tis month have to cut off sum entertainment d. Sighz sighz.... Basically, Im late for work 3 days in a rows. Sighz...

On another case. I tink avones heard of the recent top news bout the KTAR student tat been killed durin a snatch session. Beside tat, thr is another victim been snatched by d same gang around tat area on the same day. As reported, the 2nd case is 10mins after the 1st victim. But weird weird. I with few frens saw the 2nd guy wif our own eyes around 8pm at a guard house. He was bleedin terribly. Oh gosh...Blood dripping. News reported tat the 1st case was at 8.30pm and the 2nd case was around 8.40pm. Was tinkin whether we see wrong time or news report wrongly. But tats not the main point. The main point is Wangsa Maju no longer a peaceful place. Oh ya, and to tat *heartlessfcukinguselessdoc*. Go to die. You are the one who kill the student not d snatcher. Im prayin hard tat ppl like u will get an equal revenge. Damn doctor. Lastly, to all my frenz stayin around tat area. Be more carefull when u're alone. Pls try ur best to avoid puttin urself in danger. Stay out of av possibilities of bein snatch. Take longer journey than d short way which is dark and quiet. Take a cab rather den walk home. No matter gurls or guys, nowadays snatcher neva care. Pls pls take care urself.