Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The 1st Jimuiz Wedding

First of all, CONGRATULATION TAI KA JIE!!!!! Yeay. The 1st jimuiz among the others to get marry. As we expected already just that kind of couldn’t believe that it is happening so soon. 2 days ago, Li Ching sms all the jimuiz about the great news. I didn’t realize that I received a sms if not the CNN Apple call me. Haha….

Apple hangs up after we shouted at each other over excitement because there are few incoming calls from the other jimuiz. Mel sms me then. We chatted a while then Apple call back again. We 'bising' again about when la, how to go la, who else going la. Haha…. The wedding is like another 1 month plus to go. But we were all so excited about it like the dinner is this week like that. Okayz…Since this is a dedication, I will cut that short.

Dear Tai Ka Jie,

We were all so excited and feel very happy for you that you’ve found your another half and the right one. We believe that Alvin will pour his unlimited love on you till you suffocate. Hehe… The care for you will never go lesser but doubled each day. Happiness, wealth and health will be there for you. Lastly, wish you and your hubby all the best.

So fast in a blink of eyes, we’ve known each other for 4yrs. Really fast. The jimuiz gang started with the 4 of us and then slowly mixes with the others. Still remember how we got to knew each other. A complicated relation as you and Joyce is roommate. There is how you and Joyce knew each other. Then Mel is your classmates. Mel and I are hometown friends. So, you and Mel were the person who connected us to each other. And from there is where our gang journey begin. I’m missing the hostel life damn much. Miss those days we seeing each other everyday without failed. And now everyone is busy with life. Hope your wedding dinner is not the end of our Jimuiz gathering. Don’t wish to meet everyone only when any of the Jimuiz gets marry. Here’s the photo of our last gathering to end this dedication for you. We love you girl. We still accept aunty as our Jimuiz. Haha.........

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wedding Dinner @ The Crab Island

So, last weekend I went to Pulau Ketam to attend my cousin bro's wedding dinner. My uncle has to book up a few speed boats to bring all the people who attend the dinner to the island because 70% of the people who attend the dinner are not from there. What to do. Uncle’s hometown is there and he is one of those well known rich family at the island. Is some sort of tradition also I guess. Nah…. Don’t bother so much since it’s over. Haha…

~2nd cousin sis with the husband in speedboat~

~1st Aunt and the naughty niece~

~1st cousin sis with the daughter. A lots of pattern wan lar this budak. But very cute~

~1st cousin sis family photo without the naughty niece~

~Photo of me of coz. Hehe...~

~The couple(cousin bro and the wife) and the family~

Don't ask me why so little photo. 1st is the bf fault lor. Ask him take my digicam he don't wan. Die die want to take his own digicam. When in the speed boat want to take out and snap that time only know his digicam half dying already. I was like -__-"'. Geram betul. Ish.... Then 2nd is that day keep raining. So, we rush to the port to go and come back. How to take out the-almost-dying-digicam out and snap ler.haihz... But anyway, did enjoy the short trip there.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I was suppose to blog more frequent lately. But seem like my laziness bring me no where. Mwahaha…I was trying hard making myself to blog everyday as I had only 2 weeks to go till I might be leave behind by the technology. Because I’m leaving for a better tomorrow (I hope so). Hehe…Pray hard that start from next Monday, I will blog everyday. *pray…pray…pray*

To makes you guys keep reading, I start of with a jokes I’ve got it from my email. Guessed that most of you have read this before but still I find it quite funny and the urge of posting it up is there. So here it is. Hope after reading, you people give me some face and just say it is funny la. Kayz. Hehe…

~The Siew Pau & Maggie Mee~

One day, siew pau and maggi mee had a big fight. Maggi mee beat siew pau up until it had bruises on its pau body.
Siew Pau loose the fight and went back to tell all the pau family;- kaya pau, tau sa pau, curry pau, and etc.
So together.. All the paus went to find maggi mee for revenge. On the way... They met Spaggetti.. So all of the pau ran to Spagetti and BEAT the hell up on Spagetti that Spagetti cant say a word,
Spagetti then scream..."what did I do? I don't even know you all"..
Then the siew pau say.."HEH! MAGGI MEE! Don't think I cant recognise you after you do REBONDING!!! "

Funny ma…not funny mer? Okayz….Im so bored now. 30mins to go before finish work. My brain is blank. That’s why Im barking nonsense here. Just bear with me. My Monday post should be a no-crap post.

Hopefully I will blog bout something at home and save it then post it up at office on Monday. I think I will because one of the cousin bro is getting married this weekend. Tonight will be his bachelor night with all the auntie and uncle to accompany him for his last single life night. Mwahaha…. So cham. Somehow his father my uncle is a very traditional person. He insist of having the wedding dinner at his house which is at Pulau Ketam(The Crab Island). That’s why I start talking crap now. Okayz…Enough of crabs…Gua mau balik ready and set reminder tomorrow MUST bring camera along. Adios!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Especially For You

Dear Li Teng,

I know this is a little too late to blog about. Anyhow, I told you I will blog about it. So, here it is even I don’t know will you read this. You were one of the girls who share the same last name with me. And probably that is one of the reasons why we always have things to talk about even after sometime we don’t meet up. This is what people call connection I guess. What I like about hanging out with you is that you always be yourself. You don’t care much bout what others said and do to you. You always manage to fix that awkward moments with your laughter. You’re a happy go lucky girl and that is one of your good points in bringing people together. I always tell you that you have a short terms memory and I’m not the only one who say so plus this is the fact. Mwahaha………You don’t remember people, names, and things people told you. And it is good for you because you don’t remember sad things. But it is not good if you forget me and in some cases. Cases like when I mentioned some ex-school mates and you have no clue who am I saying. It’s really makes me feel like fainting by trying to flash back your memory and in the end you tell me it doesn’t matter or you only know who am I saying when you see the person face-to-face. *vomit blood* haha…. Eventhou we don’t spend much time together. But just want to tell you thank you for being a great friend and ‘siau cha bo’. I treasure our friendship. And to be honest, it is weird because it does feel different that you went overseas already. I shouldn’t feel this way, right? Because even you’re in M’sia, we don’t meet up often. Weird weird…. Okayz. Lastly, all the best and take good care of yourself. Don’t you ever forget this ‘tieng’ and also don’t suddenly come back and frighten me with an ‘ang moh’. Mwahaha……Here is a photo of you I pick from your friendster. See….I so good. I didn’t post up the photo that I told you I will use. Don’t tell me you don’t remember again ar. Neh…that one ler. Magazine I say I want to scan want ler. Opps….too much info. Haha…. Carez!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mail from UK...

What else... A promising late post again. Hehe.... So, it was on a very beautiful evening when I just got back from work. Mummy say there is a mail for me.

Then I walked to the table and get the mail.

OMG....It is a super duper big dumbo jumbo greeting card.

Guess who sent it to me???

Who else will it be???

Duh.... Only my animals friends will do so. Mwahaha....

My buddies who always makes their effort to keep in touch with me.
Very-the-touching, weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.............

Even more touching when you read the contents. They say sorry that they couldn't make it to my convo because they're studying at UK now. So, they sent me a jumbo dumbo big-ass card to congrate me. It is more than anything pals. Coz you guys remember my convo. Hugz....

Apart from that, this is not the 1st time I received mail from them. This is the 2nd times. The 1st postcard I received from them is on their 2nd week at Liverpool.

Once again, xie xie ni men. And remember my souvenir, okayz. Mwahaha.... Find me when you guys swims back to M'sia. Hehe....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A sentence that does it all

I am DAMN KAU LAN PIST OFF now !!!! I don't care if the stupid boss and the bitch saw what Im typing now. I don't give a pinch of care. pUIKsssssss........................smelly pussy and rotted sausage.....................

WHY....WHY????? Just tell me a good f*cking good reasonable reason why I alwalys have to bear others blame. That bitch is the bestest actress in working industry in acting innocent whenever a problem arise. She is just too good in saying all this words to get people to finish up her works and pushing the blame to others.

1 - "Oh, saya tak tau" (I don't know)
2 - "Oh, saya takut lar..." (I scared lar)
3 - "Ish...Saya tak faham lar." (I don't understand lar)

The 1st sentence is her most frequent used sentence to get people to do her work. Everytime the boss asked her to do anything then she will say ok,no problem. Then when the boss turns the head she straight away just go to anybody in the office and tell the person what the boss want and she don't know how. She will keep repeating that word "I DON'T KNOW HOW LAR..." and the act innocent very poorthing look till you agree to do for her. All the work the boss ask her to do, she will ask others to do. So, you tell me KAU LAN arrr the company hired her. Hired her to distribute her work. And read me please. She used to be a Account Executive cum Admin Assistant here and she is damn kau chat proud of her position of Acc. Exec. But then, she never like herself being call as an Admin Asst. and people ask her to do HR or Admin works. She will emphasize the sentence "Im ACCOUNT EXEC." everytime colleague here ask her things bout Admin or some help out. I was like "Hoi c*bai, Acc. Exec. no need die mer? So f*king action."

Read this clearly again. She is not doing any Account works at all eventhou she hold that position. Tell me what her post again when Im doing all the Invoices of customers and suppliers. Louder please to tell me what her post while Im the one who do all the calling when account statement got mistake and who is the one who go out and pay the company bills or even sometime go out to post the office documents. Pardon me again why am I doing Project Costing. Ain't this what Account Exec. task? Shout at me please cause Im real deaf that I don't hear what her post work as while me (Purchaser) is doing all this rubbish.

Then the 2nd sentence, she always use it when the boss ask her to call or deal with some of the matters. Eg. The boss ask her to call the landlord to inform him bout the roof leaking. And the landlord is a chinese. So, what else. She uses her speciality lar. Say she don't know how to speak in chinese lar then scared don't know how to talk to the landlord. WTF rite.... You're working at a 98% Chinese company and you're saying this. Since like that, then why don't you just work with a 99% Malay's company. Im not being discriminating here. Just that being a Malay who don't know how to speak chinese is not an excuse. You can speak malay and english what. I deal with the landlord before and he is a businessman who can speak well english and malay. That is such a lousy excuse but.....we are all stupid. Cause no one in the office has NEVER being ask to do her tasks before. This is only one of the example which actually happened. What about the other time? Other colleague become the "kambing korban" lar.

Lastly her 3rd sentence which less said because she used the 1st sentence the most. She uses that sentence so frequent till your ears bleed so terrible that you choose to die. She will say she don't understand before you actually explaining much to her. She use this phrase when she say she don't know and you insist on teaching her rather then do it for her. So, she have no choice but to listen to you. But even you keep explain over and over again, she will still tell you she don't understand. By that time you already waste a lots of your time and you feel like slashing your own throat or jump of the building. So, you end up doing her parts again.

Lastly, even the boss is a stupid fucko fella. I doesn't know he is dumb or acting dumb. It is so obvious that is not my task and Im just helping out or not even my fault. But of all person, he always choose to scold me 1st. Then when he knew is not me already, he acted like nothing happened. What PIST ME OFF the most is he wont scold the person who is wrong when he found out the person. Is like his anger had calm down after scolding me.

You tell me lar if you are me will you be damn pist off. Why I have to bear others blame everytime? I more skin thick is it? Tahan lasak....tahan marah...tahan kena buli....dan kambing korban yang berpotensi, right?

From now on, I don't give a damn also. Whatever you bitch and bastard ask me to do all also I say I don't know. Don't know no need die wan ma. Don't know no need to do anything wan ma. Don't look down on this sentence. Damn powerfull sentence.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Convocation Photo

Okayz...sorry for the delay. So, this post will be only photo. Eventhou it is juz a few of it, but heck Im satisfied. Once again thank u. I missed out da jumbo card photo. So, will post bout that in another post. Enjoy and happy for me.

~ Flower bouquet from da BF ~

~ My family ~

~ Me & da flower frm Jimuiz ~

~ Me in gown-1 ~

~ Da Flowers ~

~ Me in gown-2 ~

~ Me & da flowers-1 ~

~ Me, Jimuiz & frens ~

~ Me & da flowers-2 ~

~ Flower bouquet from da Jimuiz ~

Friday, August 10, 2007

Grey Day

I dunno why. Don't ask. I myself doesn't know whats wrong wif me today. Juz feel damn moody since I came in work this morning. Juz don't feel like talkin much and I barely doing anyting from morning till now. Juz don't get da ohmmp of doing anyting. *Brain blank mode*

I try getting some of the work done and I ended up so pist off.

I try to talk to my tai lou-colleague and I ended up in anger. *coz he was bad mood also*

I try continuosly browsing the net to distract my attention and calm myself thru some blogs reading and so on but I ended up feeling more stress.

Gawd...tell me whats wrong. No matter what I do, I juz got da uneasy feeling like sumting bad gonna happen like tat. Haihz.... Kill me pls...........................................

Friday, July 27, 2007

Happily Graduated

*very long post*

Yes!!!! Finally, I ended my graduation wif convocation. I was actually in dilemma whether to go for da convo or juz went missing on that day. But in the end mama say she is goin. So, I went. Honestly, if its not due to da family request I will not register to attend the boring-to-death-and look-stupid convocation. And if mama not goin on that day, I’ll surely went missing in action doin something else. Coz c’mon guys….imagine how da situation will be on that day. I’ve blog bout it in da previous post. That will be how it gonna be and Im not boasting. It will gonna be like that on that day. Plus on whether I go for da convo or not I will still be getting my cert. It is juz a ceremony after all.

Okayz, enuff saying. Lets talk bout how it looks like that day. My convo was on last Saturday 21/07/2007 afternoon session. Firstly, it did look awful and moody coz mama and I went for da convo only. Mama follows me to da college earlier coz I need to register. Da BF says he couldn’t make it due to a meeting wif da BIG boss. Apple is not comin coz workin part time. Mel, Joyce, Yien and Gina will come after the convo. So, its kinda stupid that I go to the coll earlier and register then simply intro how my life is when I was back at coll studyin to mama. It was like another hrs plus to go before the ceremony start. Mama says she kinda hungry and we don’t wanna leave the coll coz scared when we got back I have no parking. So, I brought mama to da coll lousy canteen which I myself back in studyin don’t even eat there. Not that I pickin foods. Its juz that back at that time, most of my coll-mates will go elsewhere to eat even it is juz a 2hrs break. And most of my coll-mates drive to coll last time. Then can tumpang lor. Okayz, back to the story. Mama and I ordered some food and eat-look-talking till its time for me to get ready.

So, we walked back to the coll hall and I juz slip on da convo gown outside da toilet bcoz it is like tuna paste in there. Those other girls are all changing and doin their make-up in there. Panas like oven. Den I went lining up behind those junior according to my name card no. given during registration. In front and behind of me also junior. Lagipun, they know each other. They were like askin each other who I am but not askin me. No guts! Blek! Dare to ask in front of me but dare not ask me. Askin anyone see me before and whether I was in da wrong line. Wanted to shut them off by tellin them “elloz sai lou, Im ur senior here. Not forgettin to say is da lousy senior. Coz I failed my final paper and Im not graduating wif my coll-mates but wif u all siew di di.” Then probably that will shut them off. Even worst is one of them saying probably Im those students who don’t attend classes that’s why they didn’t see me before. Wtf…Im speechless. =_= If Im one of those u were saying then Im so great. Coz even I don’t attend classes and no ones recognize or know my existence but I still graduating wif u ppl. Feel so great if that’s true. But it only happen if Im invisible. Haha…

Then we were ordered to enter the coll hall in queue after a briefing. Everyone enter the coll hall wif penuh bergaya and hook da smile on their faces. While I walk in like being force and no big grand big deal wif da somebody step on my tail look. Hehe…. I tried lookin around to see where mama seated but I juz couldn’t see her. She say she is waving to me when I entered da hall but obviously Im half blind coz till I seated also I don’t see her. And I look stupid again when both my left and right junior is still figuring who I am. They were like talking thru my ears askin each other those “You talk to her d?” and “You ask her lar where she from?” Elloz…..Im not deaf ok! But still I choose to remain silent and buat muka bodoh that I do not listen to any words they said. While Im still wif da somebody step on my tail look, da BF suddenly sms me saying he reach already. He is sittin wif my mama. Da BF ask why Im not smiling and kept reminding me to smile when I go up da stage to receive da scroll. Don’t give da killing look to da Dato. Mwahaha…. Imagine how stupid da situation is. Da left and right junior is still cracking their head finding out who am I and I was busy sms wif da BF, Mel, Apple and Glendon. In between, u will see me smiling to myself readin their replies. Ish…BODOH-nya.

This situation was carried on till da big moles (VLP = VeryLatePeople) finally arrive. Then my courses is the 1st batch to go up da stage and receive stroll. So, we line up again and got up da stage. And when da announcer called up my name, I walked wif penuh bergaya and shook hand wif da Dato den pose for a photo while saying thank you Dato then I walk down da stage and went back to my place. Again Im half blind coz mama say she is waving at me once AGAIN and I don’t seem to see where she seated. She is too dark and skinny liau la. Or maybe some big size ppl seated in front of her. That’s why I don’t see her. Haihz… Da stupid ceremony continue wif a speech from da Dato which make many of us fall asleep. Coz Im one of them. Mwahaha…. Da convo finally ended wif the “Negaraku” song at 4.15pm. I was so excited that it finally finish that I jump off my seat and faster go out and look for da BF and mama. Da BF came wif a bouquet of purple rose to match my convo gown. Hehe…I was pretty curious how he manage to escape from da boring meeting and came on time to attend my convo. He told me that he told his BIG boss that he had a very IMPORTANT appointment and he muz go for it. He ask da BIG boss to continue on Monday. Btw, the meeting is only 2 of them. So, its no big deal if the meeting is postponed he said. So happy can pengsan.

But… was raining that time. So people tend to cramp in front da coll hall and take photo there. Seeing such situation and Im actually should be rushin to da hospital after that. So, I decided to msg Mel they all and ask them no need come liau. It is raining and I plan to cabut already. Mel call me after da msg and say she is already on her way reachin. Ask me to stay and wait for her. After much persuading, I stay till 5pm. But if they still don’t turn up by then I have to leave liau. Joyce call me and say she is on the way too. Ask to wait again. What else. Wait lor…
While waiting them to arrive, da BF cannot stop takin photo and bising bout how hungry he is. He only had bread for breakfast and then rush to my convo skipping his lunch and it was like already 5pm. Hunger to die. So kesian. Haha…Finally, they arrive. Joyce called and asked where am I. And I told her at da right side of da hall beside da ladies. And here comes the surprise moment. Joyce came wif Apple. I was like kinda shocked how she managed to come. I guess she came during her break time but forgettin she is workin at MidValley instead of KLCC. After a while hugging n hitting, she told me actually she cancelled her part time job like 3 weeks ago before the convo. And I’ve been nagging and complaining bout she is not being a good jimuiz coz she couldn’t attend my convo for like 3 weeks straight and she juz swallow all da bullets I shoot her. Hehe… Thanks gal for da sacrifice. Huggie and muackies. I heart you. Oh ya, da rich siew didi I enjoy quarelling wif came too. Presenting da anak kaya Li Kae Seng. Hahaha….

What else will it be greater than cam-whore. Mwahaha….. Everyting ended a bow of thank u to all of them. Hug hug again before everyone leave separately. Once again I would like to thanks all of u gals and Gasing for willing to waste some of ur precious time to attend my No-Big-Deal convo. You all really make my day. Muacks…. Oh…. And I got another bouquet of sunflower from Apple, Joyce and Mel. Not forgetting a big thanks to Apple again. Coz she bought one of my “want lists” item. Is a very beautiful bag I’ve been eyeing for but no stock anymore. She manage to get da bag again from the re-order session instead of getting it for herself (coz she crazy over that bag too). Hehe…. Weeee……..Happy Graduation.

P/s : Photo is not wif me at da moment. Will post it up once I gathered all da photo. So, here a photo of da bag Apple gave me as graduation present.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Life SCREW-up without its DRIVER

Life is like a piece of shit now. Ugly, dirty, smelly, unwanted, lifeless, meaningless, useless & fuck-up. My life is like da screw without its driver. Literally means my life losses it guidelines.

Walking blindly.................................

Thinking blankly..............................

Avting I do or even not doin don't seem rite. It feel much terrible then regret. At least if I've choosen a path but it dun seem goin my way den its juz da feeling of regret n da "I shud have" choosen da other path feeling. But tis miserable fuckin situation Im facing now is far far more worst den I can choose or control. I juz can do da best out of da worst Im encountering.

Frens...I noe u are tryin to console n try to make me feel beta. But Im sorry. I dun feel any beta. Mayb I needs time to be alone n calm down. Apple...I dun mean 'lepaskan geram' at u oso. Sorry n I stil hate da god for da continuos obstacles or so called test for me. I had enuff !!! Dun tell me god test again. I HATE DA PERSON ABOVE WHO CREATED TIS DAMN PARIA CONTINUOSLY YEARLY DAMN KAU PROBLEMS.....Go DIE...

* No mood blog liau. Byez *

Monday, June 18, 2007

My Imaginary Saddest Convocation...

I've checked da graduate list dunno how many millions of time. And it kept showin da msg my login ID is wrong. It makes me feel so tension and start questioning myself did I actuali graduate or da college staffs by mistake put me to da failed list. Question marks all over da head ???????? Convo is around da corner and yet I didnt receive any mail from da college regarding da matter. So, it adds da tense level. I freaked out till I dun even dare to pick da damn phone and call to confirm da matter. B'coz Im so scared tat when I call to confirm whether Im in da graduate list then they tell me da DAMN NOPE !!!! Den I will faint and neva gets up anymore.

Seeing me freaking out and keep scolding da damn college making Apple geram at me. So, she call da college on my behalf to confirm it. Guess wat..... Im in da DAMN graduate list. So, why is da stupid msg wrong login ID keep popping out? B'coz tis time graduate list is for last month final students. And Im in a semester earlier graduate list. I knoe Im so BODOH. -_-"'

But who cares? Im a graduate student now. Mwahaha.... Tats da main ting. Da college staff say da Convo will be either on 22nd July or 29th July depending on our courses. And they are mailing out da convo confirmaton letter now. Yahoooooooooooooo.........................So happy.

But den suddenly rememba Apple couldnt make it to my convo any of da weekend oso. She is working part time da both weekend. Haihz....Potong steam terus. My closest jimuiz who promised me so many times tat she will attend my convo when I graduate. And now she couldnt make it. So sad can.....

Feeling like nobody will be attending my convo. All my close best pals back in college confirm not coming liau wan lor. Coz they're at UK, Liverpool for their 3 mths top-up degree and enjoying life thr. Apple couldnt make it bcoz of part time job. Ah Mel dun even noe bout tis convo news yet and dun tink she is comin oso. Coz she will be teachin swimming class. Other jimuiz nonit say lor. Know nothin bout tis and dun even care to know coz they are so bz wif work and life. Other frens all oso dun tink they will be free to bother me.

If like tat, den I juz probably dun waste my money for da convo since no ones share my joy. Juz go get da damn A4 certificate and balik rumah tidur only lar. Beta den I go thr sit like 'soh poh' listen da 2~3 hrs boring speechs n queeing up like prisoner goin up da stage and get da certificate instead of curry rice. Den finish avting edy, other students all go out da hall and snaps photo non-stop like superstar and I go change back my clothes and return back da gown. While others still snapping photo. After I settle all da procedure edy den walk to my car and drive home. *Head still turning back and looking at those flashes of those canggih digi cam n DSLR and da most hurting part is to see other graduate students happy face smilling all da way down da hill.* Ish..... Sedihnya.....

Haihz.... Juz an imaginary story of mine if da above mentioned ppl reali not comin. It will be so dull without them. Den my photo will be taken in grey color to match my feeling. Haha.... Papa n Mama, both of u beta come. If not I memang dunwan go edy. * merajuk at da corner*

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I want to update my blog more often
I want more holidays
I want to change my bad temper n bad habits
I want to be more cheerful, crazy, n had more fun
I want to make all my photos collection to be more organize
I want to be financially free
I want my salary to increase follow the market value n as my wish
I want a beta working environment
I want my ride to be ‘cun’ n cool
I want my ride to be all time new
I want a more powerful ride
I want to be more confident in myself
I want all da stupid annoying sarcastic ppl in my office to automatically bang themselves against da wall avtime dey annoy me
I want to have a loooooong chat n hang out wif ppl close to me. Esp. Apple n Mel (damn long din reali hang out wif dem.miz da old times)
I want my family n frens stay healthy
I want a new handphone
I want more music collection
I want a new bag
I want a new watch
I want a radio in my room
I want my own PC wif internet connection at home
I want to look fantastic n confident back like once I am
I want to eat all my fav nice foods without getting fat
I want more beach tripsssss……………….
I want to change my current lifestyle
I want my dream job
I want to get drunk n lay on da beach starring at da stars
I want my dream house
I want da stupid college faster response bout my convocation info
I want a dressing room with a big wardrobe wif da most update fashion, a big mirror, racks of shoes n plenty of accessories to match wif
I want my bosses to have seed of cleverness in their brain n not shits of stupidest
I want to travel around the world
I want lots of wants that I can reali archive
I want….I want….I want…Haihz…..Wonder I ever archive half of it. Thr is lots more to want.
Still wondering……………………………………

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Postponed Journals

Hahaha.... I noe its been sumtime AGAIN tat I've not updating.Probably ppl who reads my blog get numbs d. Coz Im not a daily blogger but Im tryin to be more hardworkin. I PROMISE !!! *finger crossed* Hehe....

Ok. Let see I skipped out how many post tat I wanted and feel like bloggin so much but it juz doesnt seem popping out on da page after so long. Hehe.... Okayz. Let see da list of journals tat suppose to be up.

~ Da Postponed Journals ~
1 - Luna Bar wif Apple n da frens
2 - My Burpday Celebrations & Bday Pressie
3 - My New Hairstyle
4 - P.Dickson & Melaka trip
5 - * Suppose to blog bout no.5 now but hehehe.... *

So, total of 4 journals I need to rush up so tat I can blog bout my 5th post freely. Da 5th post onwards will be on my upcoming trips. Wonder will I blog bout da trip continuosly for a week avday without being lazy ??? Mwahaha... We will see den. Adios.....

Current Feeling : Damn freaking blardee excited tat Im goin for a trip soon. Wheeeezzz.........

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Short Update

I alwiz have difficulty updatin my post. Dun ask why. I doesnt noe too. Mwahaha.... Okayz...Da old post juz let it remained pending 1st coz I got something more "kan cheong" to say. Im gonna perm my hair tml. Mwahaha....I've been tinkin bout tis since Im 20. Finally, Im persuaded n da feeling is so strong tat I reali REALiiiiiiiii wanna try out. Wonder how will I look like? Reali scared tat it might look terrible than my current style. I noe my current hairstyle is messy too but tis is diff. At least I dun pay to get messy. While tis might seem spending to get a style which may not suit me or look like shit den my unorganised natural hair. Hehe.... Doesnt wanna tink so much d lar since I've decided. Wish me luck tat it look good on me.....Last view of my look before I perm.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own 10 weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I can be really really angry n cursing like mad this very seconds n laughing at my own cursing da next seconds. (No worries. Hav been reassure n confirm by doctors tat Im not crazy. Hehe...)
2. Alwiz buy clothes / accessories / heels / juz anyting tat impress me tat milliseconds n it ended up collecting dust in my cupboard or at da corner of my room.
3. I luv washing my car every weekend n its seem like Im a weirdo to my neighbourhood. Coz usually girls dun wash their own car or care much bout it.
4. Im not really into soft toys or bears but I have boxes of it n even my mum say I can have a stall for it. (ppl tend to tink Im a soft toys lover coz all oso ppl give wan)
5. I luv keeping my finger nails long but I dun really care much bout it.
6. I alwiz have the urge to speeds when Im drivin and sumtime I ended up freak out. Haha…
7. I muz drink Nescafe or “cham ice” everyday.
8. I reads other blogs everyday but I neva leave any comment or msg.
9. I luv eating spicy foods so much tat I freaked out da mamak ah neh n mak cik tat serve me nasi lemak. Coz I ask a lots a lots of sambal n curry from them.
10. I got kinda lots of skirts but I dun really like wearing it n I juz neva stop buyin.

6 person to tag :
meow, apple, feily, hui peng, and anybody who is interested.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Da Devil Burp…day!!! (editted)

Ya ya….Its mah bday next week. I wasn’t actually looking forward to it. Kinda lose excitement in celebrating bday. But tat was da tinkin for the past 2 weeks until I received my 1st pressie n I knew da big day celebration plans.

I dunno how many of you shared da same situation wif me. My 21st bday was a sucky, no meaning, and lifeless boring one. Coz ppl sumhow juz forget my bday. While ppl who rememba couldn’t make it to celeb wif me. And some tot Im gonna celeb wif da special one. But I ended up at home replyin thank you sms n doin nothing. WTH rite? So sad…. = (

And it turns out tat Im gonna have more excitement tis yr. Yah…Its not happening yet but from da advance pressie and invitation I got, I knew I will have a blast one than da previous yr. =)

So far as Im bloggin now, I’ve received 2 pressie. Da 1st one is from dearest Apple and da 2nd one is from Andrew. Dearest Apple gave me a whole set of beauty stuffs. Confidential as requested due to some reason. So cannot elaborate too much on tat. Hehe… While Andrew’s one is a graphic / illustration / blog skin (I dunno which category. Haha…) tat he illustrated himself. A very creative person. Anyway, thanks Drew even thou u drew sumting damaging my image but Im not gonna screw nor sue u. Hehe…Whoa. Din noe your name can get so rhythm. Wakaka…. And Apple, I HEART YOU!!! Okayz. As for celebration plans, da 1st celebration will be tonite. Cousin sis organize a small party to celeb my bday . Den da 2nd plan will be dinner on Monday wif Lesly and I dunno who else coz he didn’t mention. What a coincidence coz tis fella bday fall on da same day as mine and da only difference is he is OLDER den me by 1yr. Mwahaha…Den da 3rd celebration will be on da actual day wif da jimuiz. So far thr is only 4 jimuiz who confirm can make it. So tats it for now. And herewith I attach da pressie photo. Will be updating soon bout da celebrations.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who is da culprit ???

Been wondering who or what shud I blame it on. Myself, da boss, da job, da environment or some other facts. I admit I hate my job n it seem like my job like to giv me problems too. Da boss hav nothin more interesting den findin mah wrong n causing me more trouble. Not to miss da environment which neva look comfortable n beta than before. Am I being at da wrong place or its juz me who doesnt wanna accept da fact. My HOD scolded me for someone else mistakes. When i told him it wasn't my fault n guess what he told me. He say "Then u go scold tat fella la". I was like "WHAT ???" You're HOD while Im juz an ants in da office. U ask me go scold someone who is a level higher den me. Askin me go die isit? And F.Y.I, da someone who is a level higher den me which causes me scoldin wif his fault is da Production HOD. So, in the end Im the one who have to swallow all this anger down my throat. Wanted to answer back but before the words manage to come out. I turn my back n walk back to my place and still nodding as Im listening. Maybe I got bored of all this or shud I say hav oredi adapt da culture being blame after 2 bloody yrs working here. Haihz.... Guess after all, its my fault. Im da CULPRIT. Bcoz Im da one who choose to stay. Coz Im da one who adapt n accept da culture here. Coz Im da one who doesnt fight back n willing to be blame on. Coz Im da one who hold back da fighter in me. So Im gonna shut da hell up until I have da courage to leave.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


1) I think you're the father of one of my kids
A guy goes to the supermarket and notices a beautiful blond woman wave and says hello to him. He's rather taken aback, because he can't place where he knows her from. So he says, "Do you Know me?" To which she replies, "I think you're the father of one of my kids." Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been unfaithful to his wife and says, "My God, are you the stripper from my bachelor party that I laid on the pool table with all my buddies watching, while your partner whipped my butt with wet celery?" She looks into his eyes and calmly says, "No, I'm your son's math teacher."
3) The Fastest
Three men are sitting at a bar and are discussing what present they bought their wives.
The first says: "I bought something which goes from 0 to 100 in 6 seconds" The other 2 guys don't know what he's talking about so he reveals "I bought her a nice Porche"
The second guy says: "I bought something which goes from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds" "That HAS to be a Ferrari - right?" --> "Yeah that's right! I bought my wife a nice red Ferrari"
The third one says "I bought my wife something which goes from 0 to 100 in just 2 seconds" "THAT CANT BE - The Ferrari is the fastest car in the world?!" "Well - it's a ..."
4) My Deer
A hunter kills a deer and brings it home. He decides to clean and serve the deer meat for supper. He knows his kids are fussy eaters, and won't eat it if they know what it is. So he did not tell them what it was.
His little boy keeps asking him, "What's for supper dad?" "You'll see", he replies.
They start eating supper and his daughter keeps asking him what they are eating "Ok", says her dad, "Here's a hint. It's what your mother sometimes calls me." His daughter screams... "Don't eat it Jimmy! It's an asshole!

5) Harga Rokok Makin Naik, Gaji Tak Naik pun, Macam Mana ?

6) New Helmet Design

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The End Marks The Beginning

Happy New Year avones!!! Without much realizing, another year has ended. I dunno what u ppl tink but as for me it juz slipped by way too fast. I slack thru my days n flips thru da calendar daily but I dun feel it until I see da digits changed from 2006 to 2007. Hehehe…

Then tings started to flash back. U noe those feeling when u laid back and da story started to play from da beginning of d year till where u stop rite now. Honestly, it really did affect my feeling the past few days. Da happy n da sad moments. What I’ve gain n lost. My success n failure. What I’ve learned n shared. Tats the impact that form who n what I am now.

Surprisingly, to celebrate a new beginning I stayed at home on the New Year eve. Haha… Yeah…I noe Im lifeless. Its my 1st time not celebrating a New Year eve too. Dun asks me why. Shud I say no plan? Nah…who carez. But Im not tat dead after all coz Drew and Les came to find me after the fireworks at One-U. A short yamcha session to remark a new beginning. I really appreciate u guys effort comin to my place to yamcha wif d “kesian punya estee”. Haha…

Talkin bout last year plans/goals/wishes/dream, Im kinda satisfied. I achieved most of tings I’ve said. And finally, Im graduate. Hehe…. Really happy about this. And……… I got myself a baby. I mean my ride. Hehe… Kayz lar. Im gonna stop crapping here d. Actuali I dun reali noe what Im typing. Juz type out tings tat crosses my mind n also for d reason of postin a new post for a New Year. Mwahaha….Kayz. Will be updating soon on my wish list n plan for tis brand new year. ADIOS!!!

~ Some of the photos in year 2006 ~