Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The End Marks The Beginning

Happy New Year avones!!! Without much realizing, another year has ended. I dunno what u ppl tink but as for me it juz slipped by way too fast. I slack thru my days n flips thru da calendar daily but I dun feel it until I see da digits changed from 2006 to 2007. Hehehe…

Then tings started to flash back. U noe those feeling when u laid back and da story started to play from da beginning of d year till where u stop rite now. Honestly, it really did affect my feeling the past few days. Da happy n da sad moments. What I’ve gain n lost. My success n failure. What I’ve learned n shared. Tats the impact that form who n what I am now.

Surprisingly, to celebrate a new beginning I stayed at home on the New Year eve. Haha… Yeah…I noe Im lifeless. Its my 1st time not celebrating a New Year eve too. Dun asks me why. Shud I say no plan? Nah…who carez. But Im not tat dead after all coz Drew and Les came to find me after the fireworks at One-U. A short yamcha session to remark a new beginning. I really appreciate u guys effort comin to my place to yamcha wif d “kesian punya estee”. Haha…

Talkin bout last year plans/goals/wishes/dream, Im kinda satisfied. I achieved most of tings I’ve said. And finally, Im graduate. Hehe…. Really happy about this. And……… I got myself a baby. I mean my ride. Hehe… Kayz lar. Im gonna stop crapping here d. Actuali I dun reali noe what Im typing. Juz type out tings tat crosses my mind n also for d reason of postin a new post for a New Year. Mwahaha….Kayz. Will be updating soon on my wish list n plan for tis brand new year. ADIOS!!!

~ Some of the photos in year 2006 ~