Monday, June 18, 2007

My Imaginary Saddest Convocation...

I've checked da graduate list dunno how many millions of time. And it kept showin da msg my login ID is wrong. It makes me feel so tension and start questioning myself did I actuali graduate or da college staffs by mistake put me to da failed list. Question marks all over da head ???????? Convo is around da corner and yet I didnt receive any mail from da college regarding da matter. So, it adds da tense level. I freaked out till I dun even dare to pick da damn phone and call to confirm da matter. B'coz Im so scared tat when I call to confirm whether Im in da graduate list then they tell me da DAMN NOPE !!!! Den I will faint and neva gets up anymore.

Seeing me freaking out and keep scolding da damn college making Apple geram at me. So, she call da college on my behalf to confirm it. Guess wat..... Im in da DAMN graduate list. So, why is da stupid msg wrong login ID keep popping out? B'coz tis time graduate list is for last month final students. And Im in a semester earlier graduate list. I knoe Im so BODOH. -_-"'

But who cares? Im a graduate student now. Mwahaha.... Tats da main ting. Da college staff say da Convo will be either on 22nd July or 29th July depending on our courses. And they are mailing out da convo confirmaton letter now. Yahoooooooooooooo.........................So happy.

But den suddenly rememba Apple couldnt make it to my convo any of da weekend oso. She is working part time da both weekend. Haihz....Potong steam terus. My closest jimuiz who promised me so many times tat she will attend my convo when I graduate. And now she couldnt make it. So sad can.....

Feeling like nobody will be attending my convo. All my close best pals back in college confirm not coming liau wan lor. Coz they're at UK, Liverpool for their 3 mths top-up degree and enjoying life thr. Apple couldnt make it bcoz of part time job. Ah Mel dun even noe bout tis convo news yet and dun tink she is comin oso. Coz she will be teachin swimming class. Other jimuiz nonit say lor. Know nothin bout tis and dun even care to know coz they are so bz wif work and life. Other frens all oso dun tink they will be free to bother me.

If like tat, den I juz probably dun waste my money for da convo since no ones share my joy. Juz go get da damn A4 certificate and balik rumah tidur only lar. Beta den I go thr sit like 'soh poh' listen da 2~3 hrs boring speechs n queeing up like prisoner goin up da stage and get da certificate instead of curry rice. Den finish avting edy, other students all go out da hall and snaps photo non-stop like superstar and I go change back my clothes and return back da gown. While others still snapping photo. After I settle all da procedure edy den walk to my car and drive home. *Head still turning back and looking at those flashes of those canggih digi cam n DSLR and da most hurting part is to see other graduate students happy face smilling all da way down da hill.* Ish..... Sedihnya.....

Haihz.... Juz an imaginary story of mine if da above mentioned ppl reali not comin. It will be so dull without them. Den my photo will be taken in grey color to match my feeling. Haha.... Papa n Mama, both of u beta come. If not I memang dunwan go edy. * merajuk at da corner*

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I want to update my blog more often
I want more holidays
I want to change my bad temper n bad habits
I want to be more cheerful, crazy, n had more fun
I want to make all my photos collection to be more organize
I want to be financially free
I want my salary to increase follow the market value n as my wish
I want a beta working environment
I want my ride to be ‘cun’ n cool
I want my ride to be all time new
I want a more powerful ride
I want to be more confident in myself
I want all da stupid annoying sarcastic ppl in my office to automatically bang themselves against da wall avtime dey annoy me
I want to have a loooooong chat n hang out wif ppl close to me. Esp. Apple n Mel (damn long din reali hang out wif dem.miz da old times)
I want my family n frens stay healthy
I want a new handphone
I want more music collection
I want a new bag
I want a new watch
I want a radio in my room
I want my own PC wif internet connection at home
I want to look fantastic n confident back like once I am
I want to eat all my fav nice foods without getting fat
I want more beach tripsssss……………….
I want to change my current lifestyle
I want my dream job
I want to get drunk n lay on da beach starring at da stars
I want my dream house
I want da stupid college faster response bout my convocation info
I want a dressing room with a big wardrobe wif da most update fashion, a big mirror, racks of shoes n plenty of accessories to match wif
I want my bosses to have seed of cleverness in their brain n not shits of stupidest
I want to travel around the world
I want lots of wants that I can reali archive
I want….I want….I want…Haihz…..Wonder I ever archive half of it. Thr is lots more to want.
Still wondering……………………………………