Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas ~ Lonely Me

Im back to blog again. Actually there is lots to blog about but time n mood is wats block me from doin so. Suddenly juz feel like updating tis lil hell of mine. Christmas is like 1 day to go sumore n honestly I dun feel the joy n excitement of it. Dunno wats the probs or my probs. I tink the main reason is the bad time I had durin the past 2 weeks. Sumtin bad n unhappy happened durin tat short period of time. But it slowly turning beta and the probs seem meeting its end n crawling out of the darkness side. Yet I dun feel any beta. Maybe all da unhappy tings happened too sudden n cramp to happen together. Avting juz dun seem right n one of my colleague will neva feel nice if dun pick up fight wif me. Tat fella is a total F**ker n now Im shuttin him off n he oso treat me not existing. But wtf, I dun giv a damn. Aarrgghhh….Dunwan to talk bout him d. Wasting my blog space. IDIOTIC ANNOYING FELLA !!! Okayz. Stop. Lets say sumtin bout Christmas. By right I can have a fabulous Christmas but I rejected a suppose to be enjoyin n fun countdown outing due to the probs Im facin recently. Wanted to go Justin Zhe Tian concert so much tat Im sure I gonna regret n miz so much but again its another failed plan. Wtf… Im really a lonely Devil. No ones gonna care tat much anyway except Apple n Mel. As said, I cant join dem for the countdown which dey can go enjoy n leave me alone to celebrate this lonely lifeless boring Christmas but dey did not. Dey choose to celebrate it wif me mayb juz nearby wif juz a plain outing. I really touched, gals. Thanks in advance even its not happening yet but to the sacrifice u gals made. Luv ya gals. And bout our life linked, we muz make it stop n store up as the memory of 2006 n not bringin it forward to 2007. Coz its aint good tings. But if it is bout good stuffs den its ok. Let it flow. Hehe…Lastly, MERRY CHRISTMAS to avones. May all ya have a blast and bless Christmas.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Happy Feet" Fit The Happy Day

So, as u read me I went for another movie wif d 2 jimuiz n yien. We watched "Happy Feet". It is awesome bcoz it is not only funny, got-da-point, cute, cool n dey did great in addin the suitable n great songs to da movie. Not forgettin those moves. U noe, xpecially u see it in a penguin.

~We saw Mumble, so we catch it n take photo~

Funny part is we feel d cold breeze from da movie. Haha.... Being da clever me n Mel, we din bring jacket for d movie. But how shud we noe it was tat damn freaking cold in tat cinema. Superb sial cold. As like we feel da cold in da movie n we shiver to d beat of d movie. Mwahaha.... And in d middle of da movie, Mel suddenly turn to me n say she wanna get d soundtrack of tis movie. Oh well, she is juz half crazy as I do for tis movie. ^0^

Okayz. I decided to go back n bug the Devil's bro to have the DVD. Later hav to ready sum good script for my hard sell / promoting d movie to him. A muz until he buy. Mwahaha... *laff evilly* Or I can buy it my own n giv it to da Devil's bro as bday present den after tat i can hav it back. Mwahaha.... Oh, Im juz so clever n evil at da same time. N tis is wat we called shoots 2 birds wif 1 stone. Mwahaha..... After sumtime, finally thr is another outing for us. Its been sum times tat we hav not been hittin up. But nothin much tat day oso laer... Juz sum ketchup n chillies. Heheh.... Den b4 we chioz, we camwhore. Haha... Den Mel brought me to PJ for dinar. As promise, she brought me to da place tat sell Balitong (sum kind of seafood/shell name) tat she find it quite good. Ya... D sauce is not bad. After dinar, say goodbye, I drove home, sleep to end my another tiring day. Sum of da shots tat day.

P/S --> Actuali thr is few more photos but dunno wats wrong wif blogspot. After uploadin 2 photo den it wont allow me to add sumore. Damn terrible. N tis is d post for 26/11/2006. *_*

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Recent Life Entertainment Update

Tadda.... Im back to blog again. Heheh.... Had a great outting last sunday. Since d movie John Tucker muz Die tat I watched during Deeparaya tat time, I hav been wanting to go for another movie. So, last weekend I made it. Tis is all thanks to Jenn for workin out d plan n also Ah Yee who is willingly to come n fetch me. 1stly I was SoOOoo lazy to drive tat I told Jenn I might not b joinin. Den sumhow, Ah Yee say he come n fetch me. Straight I say YES !!! Muahaha..... Ya ya. I noe u are sayin how lazy am I but..... but it was a Sunday. D only day I dun need to drive. So, it is forgivable. Lalala.....

Ah Yee brought a fren wif him name Rick a.k.a Ah Ming. Tat is a very funny guy. N oso a gud bomber. Can compete wif me, har? Hahah.... So, he came earlier to fetch me coz he not familiar wif d ways to my house. But thank god he found it fast. Den went to Pyramid n meet up wif the others. After bout 1hr thr only dey decided to watch wat movie. Sot betul... Finally, we decided to watch zheng zheng zheng....tis movie.
It was 2pm by d time when dey finally decided to watch tis. N d movie is 2.30pm. Haha.... So, we rush to kfc n juz grab sumtin to eat den rush back to cinema. So bad luck tat when we enter d cinema we couldnt find our seats. N when we tot we found our seats, got ppl sittin. So, we cal d so called cinema guard come n find for us loer. Ended up we and d ppl who sittin at our seat hav d same seat num. WTF... The cinema counter staff double used the same num. Luckily not much ppl watchin tat time. So, d guard giv us d permission of free seating. Mwahaha....

Once we got out frm da cinema, den dey started to plan for the next stop. After a while of here n thr and yes or no. Finally, we decided to go sing-k. Since all of us been sum time din drop by thr. So, Rick call the leisure mall Neway to book room since he is d only one of us who hav a VIP card. The king of karaoke(K-koh chi wong). Hahah.... N avtime when I go thr n order their drinks. For sure Im miserable n I wil laff. Why ar? Coz their drinks name is funny. Here is 1 of d situation when dey order drinks.

Cheong : Hey Ah Yee, help me to order drink.
Yee : Aiya... U order urself la.
Cheong : Aiya, u help me to order la. Mo Lai (Sly)

*Remarks : Actuali Mo Lai is one of the drinks name.

So, at this moment u wil be seeing me laffin loudly. We hang out at thr till nite bout 10plus. Damn...I almost fall asleep thr even dey stil hyper active slaughterin the chicken neck. Haha.... Aftel all, I enjoy the one day out. Till den, ADIOS !!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Short Update

Its been sumtime since my last update. My shout out are as well same like Mel’s one. I WAN MORE HOLIDAY!!! Haha… I had a great time since Deeparaya back den. Eventhou it juz sounded as a plain normal holiday to others after telling. I shall update bout den soon which I dunno when. Haha… Even this entry I compose it at home n post it up at office coz my haus dun hav Internet access. And tat is one of d reason Im not an active blogger. Well, it doesn’t reali matter as my blog is not a well-known one. Even I hav d time at office, I spent time doin blogs hoppin. Hehe… Juz feel kinda bad not updating my so called the world of mine whr I express myself. Recently, Im addicted to tis anime my bro is addictive at. Hehe… I dun tink it is a new anime. Coz I heard ppl talkin bout tat before. By d way, the name of d anime is One Piece. It is a funny one. My bro is watchin n bz copyin d anime to DVD like mad. And I’ve been catchin up from behind half crazy as him. Hehe… My task at work is getting more as thr is lots of urgent n rushin projects been deal. My recent life is like hav been daily programmed. Go to work rushin avting coz avting hav a deadline to meet n al da damn customer wan it urgently. And den rush back home marathon watchin d anime. Thanks god my watchin timing n my bro is diff. If not, sure ‘heboh’. Muahah…. Okayz. Will be updating soon I guess. Hehe… Wanna sleep ady. ZzZzzZZzzzz………….

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rob-B-Hood The Movie

Finally, I watch the movie Rob-B-Hood. Juz bcoz I hav promise to watch wif Apple, I had to wait till she back frm her China trip only can go watch. But anyway, luckily she din break her promise to watch wif me. If not, Im so gonna kill her coz I hav cancelled few invitations to tat same movie.

As I've been told, the beginning till da middle of the story is all bout laffin. It juz seem like av actions and dialouge dey say oso very funny. U juz cant stop laffin. Den the last part about the endin edy, it is so touchin n sad when u see Jackie Chan try to save d baby n when d baby shouted for mummy n daddy.

Unfortunately, we miz out a bits of the starting parts coz we were late for the movie. Why ar? Bcoz me, mel n apple had a fast catch up nearby my house Station 1 cafe roughly bout 1hrs only b4 me n apple go for the 5.45pm movie. Den avtime oso like tat one. When we juz got excited poh pet-ing, den we hav to split edy. Haih.... Mel din watch coz she is goin back to Pj after her dinner.

So after the movie, me n apple went to HK Central cafe at Klg for our dinner n continue my poh pet-ing wif her until bout 10pm. Den she go back my house sit a while bout 10.30pm she chioz. And thr goes my another great weekend.


On another hands, rememba I mentioned bout prayin hard n pickin up MP4 durin my company annual dinner lucky draw session last Sat. Its all gone now. Coz I dun get my MP4 but in returns I get a Frying Pan/Teppanyaki and Steamboat set. U noe those u can fry ting at the side n thr is a sort of bowl in the middle for u to steamboat at d same time. Yah yah.... I get tat. Dun laff. It is useful, okayz. So, when wanna cum Steamboat n Teppanyaki at my house? Or probably a Steamboat gathering? Hahah.... Seeeee, got use wan ler.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Such a Real Sicko = Risiko

Yes.... Im crawling now n not walkin or running coz Im down wif sick for 3 days edy. I din noe Im such a real sicko n eventuali Im famous of tat. Lately, I tend to forget most of my memory I once owned. Frends of mine need to recal me back by tellin d whole story. Haha...

I almost forgotten tat thr is once tat I sick like tml neva comes like tat. Bcoz I sick for almost a year back in college. Actually I kinda forget bout tis until recently when I fal sick again den my jimuiz brought up tis story. Ya man. I dun tink other den close fren, jimuiz n family does noe bout tis.

For how it started n d reason Im not so sure. And Im like an On/Off machine back to then. Coz I sick tat ways. I sick for bout few days den recover den probably 2 weeks or 1 mth later I sick again. Damn... Secara purata, its kinda one mth once. I muz be neva fal sick b4 in my past life. Waahaha.....

Not only tat. Back to tat time I cant eat much n wheneva I sick I wil vomit after my meals. Jimuiz even suspect I got anorexia. Haha... Got tat possibilities too. Coz when Im kinda fully recovered, Im so thin. And for quite sumtime tat I remained in tat size.

Not much consultin doctor session if it is not to da status Im lying on bed like coma n face turns green color. Haha... Thr is once I sick for 2 weeks straight and seen 3 doctors. Muahaha.... To tink back, I can actuali write my name in d world of records.

Ok. Im goin to da doctor tnt coz I hav no choice. Tml nite is my company annual dinner. So I muz b healthy n strong like tiger to attend tat. Luck ar luck.... Pls help me to get the Mp4 in lucky draw session. Pls ar pls.... God, Im prayin hard. Thank u.

Friday, October 06, 2006

~ Happy Mooncake Festival ~

Yeay Yeay !!! Mooncake festival again. So fast past another yr. Wat was I doin last yr at tis time aer? Erm... Let me tink. (30mins past) Wait, stil tinkin. (1hrs later) Dun rush me. Got sum clue d. (2 freakin hrs) I give up. Really dun recall. Hehe...

So, here is one special mooncake I eated this yr. Outside is Jelly n inside depends wat paste dey put in. My aunt say it is home made wan. So far I tasted the Red Bean Paste, Peanut Paste, Pandan Paste and the Corn Paste if I not mistaken I din try. Here goes...

~ Jelly Mooncake ~

Next up muz be sumtin to match wif tis colourful JeMoCa. Again I dun rememba when I took this but I tink it is not long ago only. hehe... Muz be captivated by its beauty tat nite. So round n bright. I feel it look like a torch light LIGHTs. But it is a REAL MOON. Bliv me. Plsss.... Tada... Present to u my torch light. Aiks... Sorry. My Round Round n Bright Bright Moon.

~ Moon-nie ~

And not forgettin to show u the box of d mooncake. Hahah...

Ok. Im goin off d. Wanna go back taste other mooncake. Muahah...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The SHITTTT Season Again ....Part 1

This post is all about my suey-ness aer. The SHITTY Affair is back or shud I say it is the season 2? Wateva laer… Talk to last (Kong Tou Mei), one word -> SUEY!!! Dun really recalls which shit on which day d. 1 week plus d still like tat. Haihz… So, I juz blah all out.

Shit 1
~ Due to the stupid highway again. On my last day of the mth, I late for work. And thr goes my RM100 for my attendance allowance. Damn highway alwiz stuck for no particular reasonable explainable reason.

Shit 2
~ Got to noe sum Sei Pat Po mouth bitches my jimuiz. Hate tis kind of ppl. Acted SO sO So INNOCENT in FRONT of avones. Say how ppl bully her all the time la, ppl mouth bitches her la, ppl boikot her la, den treat u like her good fren like tat la. Den BEHIND of u, she be a story teller. Not those pariah story teller u noe. It is those creative script writer. Whr she noe a bit from here n a bit from thr n dunno the truth den combined avtin and make a blardy good drama. Wicked ppl like this is even more dangerous and evil den devil like me. SHIT…

Shit 3
~ I lost one side of my earring n my 2nd ear hole bleed out of the blue. Muz be “yit hei”. Haha…

Shit 4
~ My colleague is acting weird recently. He questioned too much which makes me kinda pist off. Not only the way he talks but oso the way he acts. Tat day due to sum reason I treat my office ppl for lunch. But end up only 3 of us went and I din tot of treatin the production ppl coz got about 8 persons. And tis moron colleague keep askin me why I din treat tis 1, den tat 1 ler, den why production ppl I din belanja ler. I was like “Hoi MORON !!! Now I treat or u treat. Ask so much for wat.” In my heart only la. Hehe… Not only tat, he got cough but mati-mati mau follow us go eat. Den when he drink pepsi, he cough more terrible. Den he blame me. WTF… No wonder other colleague dun tok to him tat much oso d nowdays. Coz his words is so menyampah, “Hak Yan Zhang” (cantonese). Not only tat, for bout 1 month d he got tis smell like glue. And it kinda irritates me even if he juz pass by. haha…

~ Went to a café n celeb Mel’s bday wif SKOL as cake. Haha…Since she wana drink so we order a bucket. And it is only 2 of us. Den thr is tis group of ppl celebratin their frens bday oso. Den dunno wat tat group of di di n mui mui do la. Play throw cake wor. Then… Then wat wor? Wat else. It strike la. 2 jeans wif one piece of cake. Mind u. I noe I was once like tis but neva this too much at PUBLIC sumore. Nvm… Sumore din cum n say sorry. Nowdays kids is damn horrible, terrible, vegetable, apple n bubble aer !!! Not even 10mins they gone. Not tat I scared them off even I noe I look fierce plus after drinkin. It is Mel tat keep on take up d Skol bottle sayin lets try throwin d botol to their table see whether can reach or not. Haha… Probably from far they only manage to see Mel keep raisin d botol n tot tat she wanna throw at dem or probably tot we drunk & dangerous so dey run. Muahaha… After all I acted calm n cool even I cursed non stop.

--> Stay tune for part 2 …

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Alien Everywhere

Damn pist off wif the ppl around me. Its like I juz drop from another planet/world to here. Ppl around me tis week acted so weird. 1st of all, dey dun understand wat I say. 2nd, force me to do sumtin I dunwan to do eventhough in a not obvious way. Probably dey tink it is fun n dey r not forcin me. 3rd, I encounter n hear a lots of moron stories. Wat is goin on wif my surroundin???

And lastly, to tat bitch who mouth bitches my jimuiz. U beta enjoy ur day whr u can. Coz Im gonna invite u to the HELL if u do anyting to hurt my jimuiz sumore. U wait la. Im planning good event for u once u get back from ur blardy hometown.

For more details n more elaboration bout all tis shit ppl is gonna delay as Im goin off now. Rushin to sum mental balancin outing. Chioz !!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ah Gu Gu Ga Ga ???

It still makes me frust even when Im typing tis. Honestly, I still dunno wat causes tis communication breakdown. Tell me the truth, you really dun understand wat Im sayin? You really DON'T??? Fine den. Okayz. The story goes like tis. Dunno since when it started, ppl around dun seem understand wat Im sayin and wat Im tryin to mean by wat I said. *bangs head against wall coz explain till duno wat to say ady*

Ah gu gu ga ga??? So, tis is wat I sound like when I actually sayin sumtin while nowat u ppl hear is ah gu gu ga ga? Now I understand why u ppl dun understand me... So, Im speakin baby language. Good. So, I sound like Im talkin in sum foreign unrecognisable language. Brilliant. So, all u heard is monkey shoutin. Excellent. (drew...I dun mean u.Haha...)

Wackoevil... Like wat u ppl said is so understandable. Do you noe I make big efforts to understand wat u sayin whr sumtime u urself dun even noe wat u tryin to say or how to express urself. So, I understand now. Your communication levels is a level ahead me. Tats y no ones understand wat Im sayin. Its felt like the sign
*DANGER !!!UNRECOGNISABLE LANGUAGE/MEANING* keep blinkin when Im tokin. Den follow by No Matter You Understand Wat Estee Sayin Onot, Juz Nod Or Say Yes. Den before I manage to take a breath, u ask me the same question which I have juz answer u or sumtin I hav juz told you n you repeat it as sumtin you juz thaught of and feel so damn proud which u make it ur words. Damevil...

Avtin went wrong once I open my mouth. Not only wat I said is hard to understand. Even my questions dun seem meetin its answers.

Situation 1

~ Me n fren after a few vice-versa sms.~
Me : Hey, dunwan to disturb u study la. Exam comin soon d.
Fren : Why exam cannot chat wif ppl and relax wan aer?
Me : No aer. I dun mean so. Tot u need more time to study. So ma dunwan disturb u only ma. Why u say so ler?
Fren : I neva understand. Why ppl exam den will hav less time to entertain fren n fren keep tinkin dey r disturbin. If I feel disturbed, I wil tel u.
Me : Har??? I dun understand oso n I dun mean tat way. R u too stress studyin? If u feel like carry on, den its ok wif me.
Fren : Thr u go again. Study surely got stress wan ma. Juz see how u handle only. Why when sumone acted differently durin exam season, den u ppl wil surely say it bcoz exam stress? Wtf... Since u say I stress studyin n no time entertain u coz wanna study den up to u laer. Chat next time la. I wanna study d.
Me : *Blur n on fire* I tink u get me wrong. I really dun mean as wat u said. Nvm den. We chat sum other time. Carez.

As u can see, I din even say a single word related to wat he sayin. 'Tak pasal-pasal I kena fitnah. Kesiannya aku.' So, tis is the ah gu gu ga ga Im sayin. The Situation 1 is juz an example. If it happen to be similar wif any real life situation you encounter, it is no big deal. This is life. But mine is juz an example as I doesnt wan to revealed the real situation. But it is sumtin close to this.

Situation 2

~This is a real one. I encounter it myself. I noe my malay and english language command is very lousy too but to compare to this. U so gonna agree tat I made big effort to understand them.~

WE pronounce :
1) See through as See through
2) Top Student as Top Student
3) Ngorat(malay words) as Ngo_rat ~ meanin : tackle
4) Pijak(malay words) as Pijak ~ meanin : step

SUMONE pronounce :
1) See through as Chi tuu
2) Top Student as Top Sweden / Top Swedin or probably Sardine
3) Ngorat as Go_let
4) Pijak as Pijat

So, tats all for now. Coz if I dun stop now, I noe I will neva stop complaining.
*This post was suppose to be up long ago. But I forgot bout it d. Hehe...*

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Luck Recycle

Kinda lots of thing happened recently. Startin frm last 2 weeks Wednesday nite. My dad old Toyota radio got stole when we went out to eat nearby. WTF... The only valuable item in my dad's car. Luckily tat nite not drive my car. If tat happen to my car, Im gonna blocked all the ways out and smack the fella. If la I got the fella. Hehe...

On Friday, my LCD burn. Technician came on Sat and bring my LCD back for checkin and he say at least 2 weeks. Ish..... Den he borrowed us a monitor. Due to sum urgent paperwork needs to be done, boss ask Yati to borrowed me her LCD. So, the monitor tat the technician borrowed us was placed at Yati place while I use her LCD. I feel so bad coz it was my LCD tat burn not hers. Why muz she borrowed me her LCD while she use the old desktop? It is so unfair, rite? So, I asked my colleague to change for us but he say my desk space is limited so cannot put tat monitor on and Yati say it is ok. But I can see she is not tat ok after all.

And on Sat, I rejected a guy confession face to face. Im so evil but it juz doesnt work out. So, wat for waste time on sumtin whr u see nothin others den "Impossible n Neva be". I answer him frankly n very straight forward. I doesnt wan him to see any hope and Im doin tis for once n for all. So, tat he wont giv any try anymore which ended up annoyed me n I shut him off.

Nothin seem goin smooth, yea? Was planning for a weekend at Genting and it ended up cancelled due to sum reason. It been sumtime since my last visit thr. And it happened to be 2 weekends plan oso got cancelled. And wat make me more 'cha tou' is my bro went Genting wif his frens on d 2nd weekend while mine was cancelled. Haih.... Sienz loer....

Luckily last week, avtings I encounter is good tings. I got a day out of office wif the boss to Low Yat Plaza to buy sum computer stuffs. Went for Japanese foods as lunch wif customer n boss at Faber Tower near OUG if Im not mistaken. The restaurant name is IKKYU. The foods is nice as I dun need to pay a penny for it. Haha... I ordered the Chicken Teppanyaki Set while boss ordered a Sashimi to share wif me. Damn... so FRESH, so YUMMY.... Wat a good day.

Im turnin to an alcoholic real soon. Nowdays, wheneva plan "yamcha" wif my pet sis sure end up "yam chau" wan. Den slowly it bcum our drinks and we even hav our own reserved table. Tis weekend I went for 2 days in a row to "yamchau" wif her. Terrible me. Others than tat, finally I watch movie in the cinema again after quite sumtime. If Im not mistaken is I "merajuk" when I dun get to watch Tokyo Driff in the cinema. So, I "mogok". Muahaha... Watch the 'Beneath Still Water'. Wat do I tink bout it? Erm... I dun take it as a scary movie but a gross one. The part whr the devil tear open the victims mouth is so eeewwww..... And thr is tis ahpek sit next to me fall asleep not even 30mins frm d movie started. Wackoevil...

Basically, my luck seem recycling tis month. Bad den good... Haihz..... Signing off.........

Monday, August 14, 2006


This couldn't be said more beautifully...
Be careful if you make a woman cry,
because God counts her tears.
A woman came out of a man's rib.
Not from his feet to be walked on,
not from his head to be superior over,
but from his side to be equal.
Under the arm to be protected,
and next to the heart to be loved.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

Good and Bad

There is neva a balance or double good tings happen in a time. Its alwiz take and give. Im gettin my RM100 back but in returns I got my foot hurt. Yati tot of a trick tat save back my RM100 and I cannot hav any late coming anymore for tis month. Im lucky tat she tot of tis way. So 'Nan Tak' can save back my RM100, cannot lose again. So, gambatte.

Estee will neva be seein walkin bare footed again in d office. I learn from my lesson eventhough it is juz a few steps walk. In returns of gettin my attendance allowance back, I had tis 2.5cm long cut n dunno how many cm deep on my foot. Last entry was sayin the TARC student tat got snatch n slash by snatcher tat I saw his blood drippin. Now its my turn. I was walkin bare footed to the photocopy machine to talk to Yati. I tot it was juz the few steps distance. So, I din slip on my office sandal. And wat else, I slashed my bare foot on a STAPLES tat stuck on the carpet. Den I jump back my place and get sum tissue to wipe the blood. Now u can track me by followin my blood stain tat I drips on the floor. hehe... It has been 2 days tat Im walkin like long short legs. Kesian punya aku. Sighz...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Unidentified causes of Jam

Im slowly turnin to an evil person tat I've been cursin so bad for 2 days morning. Jam at Kesas Highway for no particular reason. Ok ok. I can 70% accept the fact tat the highway jam on Monday mornin due to raining. 20% is bcoz sum *laidbackidioticdriver* is driving so damn slow. Already in the midst of jam and late for work liau sumore drive so slow and leave big gap between cars. WTF... Another 10% is real weird. U were stuck far far behind not knowin the reason tats make the jam in front. And when u reached tat zone den u realise thr is nothin tat causes the jam and it was so spacious all the way ahead. What will u do? Me? Im cursin the shit outta dem. I bliv is sum snails driver who slow me down.

Okayz...So, tat was Mon morning. Den Tues morning I left house earlier. And guess wat. Im stuck in the jam again. And it was so damn hot n bright yest morning. The sun is like juz been polish. It was so striking shinning orangy. Heheh...So, probably tis is the reason tat causes the jam tis morning, haer? Too bright until cannot c the road issit? Kesas crew has open an extra lane on the opposite ways. Tats mean I hav 4 lane not includin emergency lane on my side. But it is stil like tuna paste. Alots driver struggle to get to d extra lane which dey thaught much faster. It was once more faster but now tat avones share d same thaught d. So, it makes d lane so crowded.

Today, I left home 5mins earlier den yest. And it doesnt make much diff. Im late by 2mins oso. Conclusion is I juz burn my RM100 attendance allowance. Tat is a lots and it is the easiest earning RM100. Tis month have to cut off sum entertainment d. Sighz sighz.... Basically, Im late for work 3 days in a rows. Sighz...

On another case. I tink avones heard of the recent top news bout the KTAR student tat been killed durin a snatch session. Beside tat, thr is another victim been snatched by d same gang around tat area on the same day. As reported, the 2nd case is 10mins after the 1st victim. But weird weird. I with few frens saw the 2nd guy wif our own eyes around 8pm at a guard house. He was bleedin terribly. Oh gosh...Blood dripping. News reported tat the 1st case was at 8.30pm and the 2nd case was around 8.40pm. Was tinkin whether we see wrong time or news report wrongly. But tats not the main point. The main point is Wangsa Maju no longer a peaceful place. Oh ya, and to tat *heartlessfcukinguselessdoc*. Go to die. You are the one who kill the student not d snatcher. Im prayin hard tat ppl like u will get an equal revenge. Damn doctor. Lastly, to all my frenz stayin around tat area. Be more carefull when u're alone. Pls try ur best to avoid puttin urself in danger. Stay out of av possibilities of bein snatch. Take longer journey than d short way which is dark and quiet. Take a cab rather den walk home. No matter gurls or guys, nowadays snatcher neva care. Pls pls take care urself.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Random blog

Nothin extreme happened recently. Basically, Shin Yee is back to US. Mel is back to PJ.(actuali whr she is al tis while) And ppl around me doesnt bring any big diff. The latest live up was d 7 sista gatherin at Chilli's. Didnt noe thr is actually ppl tot we are REAL 7 sista. How great is tat. Den d mum who giv birth to us muz b damn headache. Hahah... Havin d 7 of us which are not really frm the same kind. Havin us around is neva a silent tone to be heard. Hahah... I noe we r bising. It seem like we are the only table of customer tat day. Coz we've covered d noise of others in thr. Heheh...We had a great time shopping. We hav been sista for nearly 2 to 3 yrs, but tis is our very 1st time shoppin n outin tat all of us came. D whole tings went on till 10.30pm whr we end our day wif diner den balik. Hopefully the next planning wil b a succesful one as tis.

Went to K.L again last week to find Apple n settle sum college stuff. Only manage to yamcha wif Andrew coz Lesly was workin til 2am and I couldnt get to his place to yamcha coz too far n late. Not really convenience for me as I overnite at my fren house. 1stly I hav to get her parking access card. 2ndly I hav to get her house key if she dunwan to go. So, juz yamcha wif Andrew at TBR.

Lunch at Wangsa on Sunday den straight up to Sg. Wang. Teresa group participate in tis hip hop dance competition at Sg.Wang. So, went thr n support her la. Well, her group did well n thr is tis few groups are very good too. And a muz to mentioned one of d judge is very cute and d MC is handsome too. Hahah.... As usual her group enter final. The 10 group selected for final is real good ones. Den go shoppin wif Apple. Get the stuffs tat im lookin for. So, conclusion Im broke d. Haha...

Drinkin session wif my pet sis again. Basically nowdays I see her oso we go for drinkin. Den last nite yamcha wif Liteng and get sum drama series from her. Those were to fill up my free time. If not, other den hung myself I got nothin else to do. Damn sienz.... The burn in my pocket for last week shoppin hav not recover yet I hav to burn the hole bigger today. Times for car service again. Damnit....Sigh....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Funny pics...

--> Look at tis... DOG.....SAUNA ??? a bit seow rite ? but its kinda funny... Seem so enjoyin.

--> PIGGIE smilin n acted like dey enjoyin d sound of harmonica. A good ones. haha...

--> Good pose aer kid. U really tink ppl bliv tat u noe Shaolin KungFu thru tis photo? Probably thr is, but not me...haha...

--> Do u noe wat is all tis tings hanging thr. I cant bliv tat it is actually hp. Hanging juz like tat n sellin it at street like Petaling Street stuffs quality. OMG...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My fren ah Meow...haha...

Here r sum photo tat I find it very funny n interestin in sum of d emails forwarded to me. And all tis cats photo reminds me of Melisa...muahaha....

~ Tis is how Ah Meow look like when she stretch herself. =) ~

~ Tis is d hot n sexy Ah Meow when she go teach swimming. Muahaha....D 2nd wan shows d satisfaction look of her when she caught a 'mouse' n when she get to lay on her sofy bed.~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

3 Devil in Black

~ mE, rAcHeL & aPpLe @ TaStY tAsTy ~

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Missing...


Been missing in action quite sum time. Okayz… I tink I juz summarize wat I’ve been doin, into, experienced n d current stuffs in d period of my missing time.

Last 2 weeks, I was at K.L for 3 days 3 nite. Along tat were good time n d awful, bad luck n unhappy moments. But after al, it ended all well. Basically, thr is plan for me once I arrived at K.L on Thurs nite. Sum was successfully goes well n sum r not in my ways. Damn I hate tat. I took 1 day leave wif d intension of settled up my college stuffs. And d stupid coll management is like shit. Reali disappoint me. Here goes d journey.

THURSDAY NITE (01/06/2006)

~ Supposedly mamak wif Swee Jin. But ended up sumtin bad happened which delay d time n ended up not meetin him coz he hav to work d next day. So, I went mamak wif Apple n Rachel at Sentul. If I’m not mistaken, d mamak name is Naili’s Corner. Anyone noes tat? I went thr once before wif my coll frens n tat is reali a nice place. Recommend. Why ar? Coz its a cool place. Haha… Imagine a mamak wif ‘pondok’ up d tree which u can climb up n yamcha thr. But wif condition tat u r more den 4/5 person. D pondok is quite big. I dunno. Dey juz hav tis rule. Probably dey scared too lil ppl wil make d ‘pondok’ not balance n ‘runtuh’. Hahah…Juz my wild guess. From wat I observed, thr is few sections wif different feels for u to choose. D pay counter is décor wif beach feel. Wif al those nice songs playin. Foods u found in Café r most probably provided here too.

FRIDAY (02/06/2006)

~ Went to coll early in d mornin to settle d stuffs. And it ended up d management told us tat d bill is not out yet. But Apple hav double confirmed wif d management b4 we waste our time quarrellin thr. I neva knew tat d coll management is so SYSTEMATIC until I encounter tis situation. Damn tat is terrific. I hate d management n how d ways those ppl work thr tok to me. Dey r d one who is wrong but dey dun seem admittin it. Idiot ppl.

~ Ok dunwan tok bout those stupid ppl d. Den me, Apple n Rachel went KLCC to hav lunch wif Teresa at Kimgary. Finally, my maxis probs is done. Cheers!! At least thr is sumtin done.

~ Went Jusco wif Apple n cousin, Rachel n cousin n me. She wanna buy d ingredients n dunno wat stuff for tat nite dinner. Yeah, she can cook. Not like me. Haha… So, dinner at her house n went for dessert after tat. Meet up wif Swee Jin. Went Jalan Imbi for ‘Tong Sui’ wif Apple, Rachel, Swee Jin n me. D dessert shop name is Tasty Tasty (Hau Wei Tau). D ‘Siew Long Pau’ is so nice loer. Avting was great thr. Reali Tasty Tasty ar…Haha…

SATURDAY (03/06/2006)

~ Suppose to go back home since Apple is workin. But mana tau she end up din go work. And she got a REASONABLE reason for tat. Haha… Den we went MidValley wif Yien n Venny since she not workin. We had our lunch at tis Indian Restaurant in MidValley. Not much ppl noes bout tis place. Especially, if u r not an Indian or Indian foods lover. Sumtin special bout tis place too. It is a Charity Restaurant. Dey hav no price list for their foods. U pays how much u wan. Its for charity purposes. U only needs to pay RM2.00 for d government tax. N tat day when we went, it is d buffet day. Muahah…. Oh ya, and dey hav tis very nice Lassi.

~ I bought a blouse after so long. Its been sumtime tat I dun really do any shoppin. Den, juz dunno y. Me n Apple feels tired of walkin. So, we stop by at Sushi King while waitin for d 2 gurls to finish theirs. Apple’s uncle sudd call her n ask her to join dem for dinner coz her grandma came to K.L. So, she brought me along. Hehe… Its been sumtime again tat I didn’t meet her grandma n aunty. Dinner is at California Pizza House. Paiseh to say. This is my 1st time dine thr. Im so lucky. Muahah… 5 pizza 3 spaghetti n 1 more dunno wat dish cost d uncle bout plus minus RM300.

~ After dinner, went to d uncle condo which I dunno d name. But d condo is juz next to KL Central LRT Station. Anyone noes d name of tat condo? Nvm…Its not tat matter. It is a real nice condo. U can see d view of KL city from d house. U can c all nice car at d parkin lot. I saw Subaru n Evo-8(if Im not mistaken) side by side n few steps frm my fren car. Fuiyoh… I took d photo but wif Apple’s digicam.

SUNDAY (04/06/2006)

~ Had lunch wif Apple, Yien n Venny at Wangsa Maju. One of d place I used to had my lunch back when I stil study thr.

~ Den, went Carrefour wif Apple to look for Huey Fern.

~ Den, went back Klg n look for Mel coz I wanna wash my car nearby her house. So, I hang out at her place while waiting for my car to take bath. Hehe…

MONDAY (05/06/2006)

~ Go to work n meet my new colleague. Erm… Okayz la. Can get along. Tot tat I pass her sum of my work d den I can b more free. But god noes. I got lots more to do now. Ish…I even hav to handle d sales now.

~ Went Pandan Indah, Cheras to celeb my pet sis bday. She brought me to tis Café name Station One. Tis place a very good one too. Nice environment, delicious foods n drinks, good service, pleasant songs n fun entertainment. Basically, avones in d Café play games provided thr. It is fun even u juz look at d next table playin it. I have forgotten how to spell tat ting. Izzit called UNO Stacko? I dunno. Dey hav porker cards, dice game and chess. D most famous n played by almost avones in d Café is d UNO Stacko ting.

~ Meet up wif Teresa at thr too since she stay nearby. She come wif Yvonne. But she actually came thr straight frm her studio after dancing. Had a great moment chattin wif them.

TUESDAY (06/06/2006)

~ Went karaoke wif my pet sis n her fren. Actually, 6th of June is her actual bday. Nothin much. 3 hrs karaoke n den balik tidur.

WEDNESDAY (07/06/2006)

~ Din go anywhr oso tnt. Went dancing wif cousin sis den go back sleep.

THURSDAY (08/06/2006)

~ Yamcha wif Shin Yee n Li Teng at d new open LEO’s Café at Bukit Tinggi, Klg. Erm… d place not bad laer. Environment ok. But thr is stil more to improve. Drinks r not really up to level. Wat Im tryin to say is d drinks dun tastes as wat it written in menu. Eg. D menu stated a drinks wif banana/orange flavor in it. But we dun taste any of tat taste. Too mild I guess. But bein d only Café found in Bukit Tinggi, tat is good d. Shows tat d place is developin n growin.

FRIDAY (09/06/2006)

~ Finally, I rest a day. Haha….Din go out at al after work. Slept earlier tat day oso. Im so good gurl n healthy. *blink blink*

SATURDAY (10/06/2006)

~ After work go back home. Den sleep. *smile* Went up to SS2, PJ wif Shin Yee to hav dinner wif Mel. She “chiew” me thr wan. In d beginning, I don’t wanna go due to my poor eyesight. It is getting worst. She bising me laer. Den I gave in since I hav nothing to do on a Saturday nite.

~ Dinner at tis Island Café recommended by Mel. Not bad laer d place. Island Hawaii types feel. Foods n drinks quite good. I called tis dunno wat Japanese rice la. It is fried chicken wif thousand island sauce n white rice. Too much thousand island make me a bit ‘jelak’ when I finish eatin. But overall, it is a nice one if it came in small portion. We drink beers b4 we left. Actually neva in our plan tat we drink ordered beers for our second drinks. It is bcoz we were tokin bout sad n unhappy moment tat time. So, it juz naturally brought up d urge of callin tat. Wat a good combination. Sad moment’s wif beers to cheer up. Hahah… Shin’s is d one who sudd suggest tat. Haha…Unexpected.

SUNDAY (11/06/2006)

~ Movie wif my pet sis. The DaVincci Code. Confusing. Haha…Code here n thr. Mayb I din really pay attention n follow d flow of d movie. History makes me dizzy.

~ Dinner wif family at LEO’s Café again. Haha…. Foods reali need improvement too. Neva listens to gurl staff recommendation. Understand? *smile*

I din noes thr is so many nice place until recently. Thanks n credit given to all d ppl who brought me to tis places. Muacks Muacks….. Hahah…. Bz life keeps me stop tinkin. Im a negatively overdose tinker when I hav nothing to do or alone. Tat is real serious. I noe. So, u ppl muz not stop ‘buggin’ me. Muahahah…. Chioz.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Since d souvenirs I got from my aunt n uncle when dey visited Japan bout 1 mths ago, Im gettin more n more now. Some sort of virus is goin on I guess. Coz not long after tat, I got tis souvenirs from cuzzie when she visited China. Later on, is from a fren tat came back frm US brought back d Green Nuts wif Wasabi. Funny coz she tot here dun hav n she got tat when she change plane at Japan. Den my boss back from business from Hong Kong. Den now souvenirs from Penang fren. Erm...wait...I tink it started not from Japan. It is infected since another cuzzie went Korea tat time. haha...

KOREA ~ Seaweed, Sweets, Keychain of Korean ppl n a meaningful tiny Chinese Hand Fan Shape Bookmark.

JAPAN ~ Crunchy Green Nuts, Lil Cupid Keychain n Chocolate bar.

CHINA ~ Sum 'Suen Mui' (Asam), Sweets, tiny Milk bar n Pearl cream for beauty usage. And my dad got a China Greatwall ashtray. Muahaha...

US ~ Wasabi Green Nuts n a warmth heart from a long-time-no-c fren. =)

HONG KONG ~ Famous 'Lou Po Peng' (Wife Cake). - I tink avones noes tis from d HK drama series Ngong Fu Seng Long acted by Ah Wong.

PENANG ~ Crabs, 'Ha Kol'- in canto (prawn best part which i dunno wat it called in eng) and 'Haer Chee'- in hokkien (fried prawn wif flour n taugeh) served wif chili sauce.

May d trend or virus continued on. Feel so nice when u r gettin lots of diff souvenirs from diff places n diff ppl. 1st u learned others culture n get to noes others places tings. 2ndly, those tings reminds u of d person who gav it to u. Tats d purpose when u gave sumone sumting.

And finally, last Sunday was my very 1st time attends wedding which is not my relative n diff race from me. Tis is d 1st time I attend a Malay Kenduri n sumone is not related to me as in relative. Kinda awkward when i reach thr. But tings seem goes pretty well den. Din stay thr too long oso. N I got d satay stick wif ribbon n an egg hangin ting.. Aarrgghhh.... Dunno wat it called. hehe.... Who cares !

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Was kinda tired this 2 days. Keep yawning n feeling so sleepy. Probaly bcoz d womens best fren is arrivin. Eventually, I sneak into d meeting room n take a short nap thr knowing tat boss wil not b comin in so early. hehe... And colleague helps me to 'tai sui'(see water) haha...

Im bored now. Only a fews fella on9 on my msn. So sienz. Nothin for me to do oso. Wanted to cal d bf but he juz terminated his line service due to d stupid centre keep charging him extra even his line has been barred for quite sumtime.

Were asked to work OT past 2 days which spoiled my plan. Were plannin to 'cabut' sharp at 5.30pm. Were so tired n sleepy, so plan to go back early n rest. But boss was 'KIND' enuff tat he asked me to work OT so tat i get sum extra money. But i dun even giv a damn on tat when im not in d mood n im freakin tired. I was kinda free before 5.30pm but it neva cross his mind tat he got tings for me to do until the dot im gettin ready to leave. Den only he remember thr is tis URGENT paperworks he need it to be done b4 i leave.

I dun care. Im goin back early today n no ones can stop me. Im leavin at the dot today n he cant stop me for sure. Coz he is in Johor Bahru d mins Im leavin. Muahaha... And then, tis punch card machine went 'sot plak' yest morning. Its keep repeatin auto programming. So, no ones was late tis 2 days. Coz d boss came in late n he signed d card for us n he hav to trust us. haha... Even thr is 1 or 2 of dem came late.

Thr is tis dancin class tnt n I was tinkin whether to go or not. Was plannin to meet d bf tnt if he off work early. While tml was supposely to go yamcha wif d old frens at Subang but again Im not sure whether i can make it or not. Coz scared my 'KIND' boss ask me to work OT again tml. Sigh...

After crappin so long, haih... I tink its time to go find sumtin to do. And tis is d most meaningless n woo liaw entry so far. muahaha....

~Sunset of Penang by Melisa Lim~

Monday, May 15, 2006

Busy month

Its been sumtime tat im not bloggin bout anyting(like thr is ppl actuali readin but i dun care). Was kinda busy. Activities markin up their places in my calendar. Last month which mean April, my activities was well organized. Coz all activities is fix to d days of d week which mean not out of sudden call or last mins plan. D only sudden or last mins plan is by ah mel callin out for drinks. haha...

But month of May is total diff. My fix activities stil remained goin on and ah mel call for yamcha is consider one of it d. haha... Startin from 1st of May which is d Labour Day, thr is whr all activities is queeing up filling d empty space in my calendar.

Meeting up wif jimuis is gettin more often since avones owned a 4-wheels now. So, gatherin is one after another. Others than tat, b'days are one of those activity tat fill up another empty bored days. Not to forget Mother's Day celebration. Sum old frens n my pet sis suddenly 'po tau' after so long din contact. Dey called me out of sudden n find me yamcha. Outing wif cuzzie n oso d times shared wif dearest bf. Thr is lots more comin soon.
So far, im satisfied wif d results of d outing n activities. Finally, I get back my stuff tat i left it wif my ex-housemate for almost a yrs. ngek ngek ngek... Finally, I bought the few tings on my searchin list. Finally, my baby 4-wheels reaches it service stage. 2 feelings at a time. Happy tat i can drove faster now. *wicked smile* In another hand, was kinda upset coz d service is not cheap. Burn a medium hole in my pocket. haha.. Finally, watch movie i wanted to watch n went c sum leng chai cars show. I almost broke due to d outing n activity. There is few plans tat i hope and wish tat either one of it will 'jadi'. *pray pray*

P/S - Apple, u beta make one of d plan jadi. If not i make u jadi smashed apple or apple juice. hehe...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kiddo Acts

Recently juz happened to see sum kiddo act tat makes me feel funny bout it. Firstly, was d incident tat took place durin my 'bah kut teh' session wif bf n few frens after d badminton session. We were enjoyin our chinese tea n crackin sum stupid jokes after d meal. Stil unwilling to lift our lazy ass n get home rest. While chit chattin n laffin tat time, suddenly a fren said sumtin not very clear to avones. Only d guy beside him heard tat. Den out of curiosity, another fella 'keppo' asked wat so funny. Den d guy juz pointed d table behind us n ask us to look at d kid tat table. Den he try to b in d kid position n say tis "I dunwan to eat pork la...U old ppl all like to eat meat. If u wanna eat ur 'bah kut teh', den buy me a burger". Den all of us laff. Catch wat im sayin? Tat kid family is all eatin 'bah kut teh'. While d kid alone munchin his Mc-Chicken at d corner. Weird weird....funny kiddo.

Den on Thursday rain kinda heavy around 5pm. Den outside my company was flood. Drain stucks wif rubbish n not running n d road is kinda not balance. Whenever raining, den thr will flood outside my company small road. Ok ok. Back to d point. Den i walk to d window n look out prayin d stupid heavy rain faster stop. Coz i wanna go back. Colleague was beside me watchin d rain oso. I was lookin to d right n he is lookin to d left. Den suddenly he tap my shoulder n ask me to look at his direction. About 5 kids was cycling in d rain. I noe tat is common. But dey kept cycle thru d flood area. Dey seem enjoyin d splash made by their bicycle. Can see thr is tis difficulty cycling thru tat flood. A lots of energy needed. Those happy expression on their face reali reminds me of how i used to play in rain too when im young. haha....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dump comp makes me PISS OFF...

I am very piss off last nite. Its been sum time tat i din use those adobe software. I was playin around wif d function of Illustrator n Photoshop. Was tryin to combined my Labour Day's outing photos. But ended up now 'habuk pun takde'.

Tired day yesterday. It was my mum's bday. So, go back early n went out for family dinner only. Din manage to get her a cake oso. Guess tat i 'po fan sou' on Sat. Den suddenly juz got d feeling to do sum sketches of d photos i snap d day before.

Den wat else. Start wif Photoshop to Illustrator. Click here n there. After 2 hrs struggling wif d software, fuuhhh.... Finally, its done. I noe it doesnt look perfect or professional enuff. But hey, its been ages i din touch tat ting. Its counted a good start oredi. Im satisfied coz i reali put effort n times in tat. Even d outcome is not tat good. Coz i hav returns wat i've learned to d lecturer.haha... Feel so 'kekok' using d software last nite. N im not sumone tat very creative i muz say.hehe...

So, wif d smile on face n click on d Save button. N rename my file. Waited it to SAVE. N onli d stupid dumb comp noe wat happened next. Not working at all. Stayin d same preview after so long. Minimize n maximize d window but ended up wif d same ting. Was tinkin probaly the stupid comp couldnt work so fast. It takes time for it to digest all d data info. So, i leave it thr from 15mins to 30mins. 45 mins to 1HRS liao...Oiiii.....Blardy comp showin (Not Responding) on the top bar. WTH !!! #$%^&*

AaaRRgggHHH.................So thr goes my 2 hrs efforts. Who shud i thanx? My bro for installin so many 'USEFULL' programme or my super incredible CPU. Or shud i admit tat was my luck. Or blame it on myself for being so CLEVER tat i did not save it while im workin on it. Den probaly i dun need to redo the whole ting over again. Stupid comp, so many days dun 'sot'. Yest sot pula. (Not Responding) rite?


erm.... Stil not responding aer? Good!!! Stupid comp...NAH!!! Take it. Deserve tat. bleh...=P

Friday, April 28, 2006

Who look like a fool ??

Shud i named myself naive or stupid? haha.... I juz dunno n my ques are unanswered yet. Look, I juz got myself a 4-wheel baby lately .Aarr... or shud i say finally. Ah,wateva. Den, 90% of the ppl around me said tat i shudnt speed. Coz it was a new car,new engine,engine not yet brush up,blah blah blah... And ya noe, all those advises for a new car. Dey told me to drive slowly up to 1000km edy, den only accelerate. Some said its beta if i drive max 60/hrs, n some said i can speed up to 80/hrs. While d 10% said dun giv a damn on tat. Juz "gasar" d car onli. So, im miserable. But i followed wats majority said.

On my 1st day drivin to work, i feel so stupid n stress. Why i feel so? Coz im drivin 60/hrs in d third lane n all sort of big truck n lorries is cutting past me. Eventually, sum old cars is even faster den me. (i noe u r laffin) Aarrgghh.... n especially when im drivin to work tat time. Avones seem rushin to work n i looked like im relaxin n not in hurry. Honeymoon on d highway, "chor chi tei kau juen" only. While goin back home from work is not tat bad. No ones care tat much.

Ppl look at me one kind like how i used to looked at sum slow driver last time when im in hurry n dey r snailing more den drivin. I was wonderin wats is on their mind. Shud it be
~ "Wats wrong wif tis new car drivin so slow? Even my car is faster." - for old cars driver
~ "Why r tis 'young lady' drivin her new car so slow in d morning? Her car shudnt b slower den mine coz im wif tonnes of burden." - for trucks n lorries driver
~ "Aiyo, drivin like a snail. Blockin d way only. If u wanna snail, go sum small 'lorong' n snail thr." - for normal cars driver who is rushin to work (tats my phrase actually,hehe...)

Den d next day, i give up. I ask my bro to drive my car to work n i ask my colleague cum n fetch me. haha... Later on, parents, bf, colleagues n uncle convinced me to drive 80/hrs to work. Dey say if i dun drive, den its took longer to reach 1000km. So, d next day i drove to work again. Same ting happened but not as terrible as d 1st day. Coz im drivin 80/hrs. Slightly faster den sum snails. haha...

So, im wonderin :-
1) Am i being fooled or it's true?
2) I look stupid or my car look more stupid? haha...
3) How can sum fast driver (coz i drive, i dun snail) like me can drive so slow n stil can 'tahan' d urge for speedin? ish ish....lolz

~Japan Delicacy~

Last week, my uncle n aunt juz came back from Japan for 4 days 3 nite vacation. Den dey came to my house n pass me my souvenir n Japan delicacy. Its is fun when u listen to their conversation. Wat dey did n wats goin on n wats dey encounter wif thru out d whole journey thr. D most interestin part is when my uncle tok bout d snoring ting. Dey went in a group. So, dey sleep separately which divides gurls n guys. Den my uncle say tat he doesnt noe thr is so many type of snorin sound. 'Berpatern-patern'...haha... Sum snoring like whistling, sum like farting but it is snoring, sum even like got attacked by asthma. It is more funny when my uncle acted out d ways dey snored. Tis Japan delicacy bought by my aunt not bad. Very crunchy. hehe...=) And she bought me sumtin look like keychain towards me...but she hav to say it was a chain tats hang on zip. Once again im wonderin y muz tis tiny lil ting hav to hang on zip n not on other ting as like other keychain. My aunt even ask me to clip on my pants zip. I was like har? My pants zip u mean? No No No... Im not goin to do so. D most i wil hang it to my key. Is my aunt misunderstand d usage of d lil keychain or is Japan actuali do made such ting for such purpose? Arrr...
.weird weird.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Still wonderin...

Im still struggling to fix my setting...wanted to blog since yesterday...but dunno is d blogspot probs or mine...maybe i kept republishing my changes...tats why it hang...Was using frendster blog before tis...but frendster blog functions is gettin so sucky nowdays...malfunction most of the time which ended up i have no commands in d color setting,probs in posting photo,d fonts,n dunno wats more...basically juz avting bout it is problematic...finally, i decided to give up on tat blog...frens recommended blogspot...sayin it is easy to use n d functions all is much much more beta den frendster's,here i am givin it a hit...tryin out whether my frens got "kelentong" me or not...after 2 days, i tink my setting is ok ok by now..hehe...since it wont be fixed in 1 day...why dont i juz start blogging n meanwhile learn to change my setting n beautify my blog later on..till den....chioz.....