Thursday, November 16, 2006

Recent Life Entertainment Update

Tadda.... Im back to blog again. Heheh.... Had a great outting last sunday. Since d movie John Tucker muz Die tat I watched during Deeparaya tat time, I hav been wanting to go for another movie. So, last weekend I made it. Tis is all thanks to Jenn for workin out d plan n also Ah Yee who is willingly to come n fetch me. 1stly I was SoOOoo lazy to drive tat I told Jenn I might not b joinin. Den sumhow, Ah Yee say he come n fetch me. Straight I say YES !!! Muahaha..... Ya ya. I noe u are sayin how lazy am I but..... but it was a Sunday. D only day I dun need to drive. So, it is forgivable. Lalala.....

Ah Yee brought a fren wif him name Rick a.k.a Ah Ming. Tat is a very funny guy. N oso a gud bomber. Can compete wif me, har? Hahah.... So, he came earlier to fetch me coz he not familiar wif d ways to my house. But thank god he found it fast. Den went to Pyramid n meet up wif the others. After bout 1hr thr only dey decided to watch wat movie. Sot betul... Finally, we decided to watch zheng zheng zheng....tis movie.
It was 2pm by d time when dey finally decided to watch tis. N d movie is 2.30pm. Haha.... So, we rush to kfc n juz grab sumtin to eat den rush back to cinema. So bad luck tat when we enter d cinema we couldnt find our seats. N when we tot we found our seats, got ppl sittin. So, we cal d so called cinema guard come n find for us loer. Ended up we and d ppl who sittin at our seat hav d same seat num. WTF... The cinema counter staff double used the same num. Luckily not much ppl watchin tat time. So, d guard giv us d permission of free seating. Mwahaha....

Once we got out frm da cinema, den dey started to plan for the next stop. After a while of here n thr and yes or no. Finally, we decided to go sing-k. Since all of us been sum time din drop by thr. So, Rick call the leisure mall Neway to book room since he is d only one of us who hav a VIP card. The king of karaoke(K-koh chi wong). Hahah.... N avtime when I go thr n order their drinks. For sure Im miserable n I wil laff. Why ar? Coz their drinks name is funny. Here is 1 of d situation when dey order drinks.

Cheong : Hey Ah Yee, help me to order drink.
Yee : Aiya... U order urself la.
Cheong : Aiya, u help me to order la. Mo Lai (Sly)

*Remarks : Actuali Mo Lai is one of the drinks name.

So, at this moment u wil be seeing me laffin loudly. We hang out at thr till nite bout 10plus. Damn...I almost fall asleep thr even dey stil hyper active slaughterin the chicken neck. Haha.... Aftel all, I enjoy the one day out. Till den, ADIOS !!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Short Update

Its been sumtime since my last update. My shout out are as well same like Mel’s one. I WAN MORE HOLIDAY!!! Haha… I had a great time since Deeparaya back den. Eventhou it juz sounded as a plain normal holiday to others after telling. I shall update bout den soon which I dunno when. Haha… Even this entry I compose it at home n post it up at office coz my haus dun hav Internet access. And tat is one of d reason Im not an active blogger. Well, it doesn’t reali matter as my blog is not a well-known one. Even I hav d time at office, I spent time doin blogs hoppin. Hehe… Juz feel kinda bad not updating my so called the world of mine whr I express myself. Recently, Im addicted to tis anime my bro is addictive at. Hehe… I dun tink it is a new anime. Coz I heard ppl talkin bout tat before. By d way, the name of d anime is One Piece. It is a funny one. My bro is watchin n bz copyin d anime to DVD like mad. And I’ve been catchin up from behind half crazy as him. Hehe… My task at work is getting more as thr is lots of urgent n rushin projects been deal. My recent life is like hav been daily programmed. Go to work rushin avting coz avting hav a deadline to meet n al da damn customer wan it urgently. And den rush back home marathon watchin d anime. Thanks god my watchin timing n my bro is diff. If not, sure ‘heboh’. Muahah…. Okayz. Will be updating soon I guess. Hehe… Wanna sleep ady. ZzZzzZZzzzz………….