Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Short Update

I alwiz have difficulty updatin my post. Dun ask why. I doesnt noe too. Mwahaha.... Okayz...Da old post juz let it remained pending 1st coz I got something more "kan cheong" to say. Im gonna perm my hair tml. Mwahaha....I've been tinkin bout tis since Im 20. Finally, Im persuaded n da feeling is so strong tat I reali REALiiiiiiiii wanna try out. Wonder how will I look like? Reali scared tat it might look terrible than my current style. I noe my current hairstyle is messy too but tis is diff. At least I dun pay to get messy. While tis might seem spending to get a style which may not suit me or look like shit den my unorganised natural hair. Hehe.... Doesnt wanna tink so much d lar since I've decided. Wish me luck tat it look good on me.....Last view of my look before I perm.