Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rob-B-Hood The Movie

Finally, I watch the movie Rob-B-Hood. Juz bcoz I hav promise to watch wif Apple, I had to wait till she back frm her China trip only can go watch. But anyway, luckily she din break her promise to watch wif me. If not, Im so gonna kill her coz I hav cancelled few invitations to tat same movie.

As I've been told, the beginning till da middle of the story is all bout laffin. It juz seem like av actions and dialouge dey say oso very funny. U juz cant stop laffin. Den the last part about the endin edy, it is so touchin n sad when u see Jackie Chan try to save d baby n when d baby shouted for mummy n daddy.

Unfortunately, we miz out a bits of the starting parts coz we were late for the movie. Why ar? Bcoz me, mel n apple had a fast catch up nearby my house Station 1 cafe roughly bout 1hrs only b4 me n apple go for the 5.45pm movie. Den avtime oso like tat one. When we juz got excited poh pet-ing, den we hav to split edy. Haih.... Mel din watch coz she is goin back to Pj after her dinner.

So after the movie, me n apple went to HK Central cafe at Klg for our dinner n continue my poh pet-ing wif her until bout 10pm. Den she go back my house sit a while bout 10.30pm she chioz. And thr goes my another great weekend.


On another hands, rememba I mentioned bout prayin hard n pickin up MP4 durin my company annual dinner lucky draw session last Sat. Its all gone now. Coz I dun get my MP4 but in returns I get a Frying Pan/Teppanyaki and Steamboat set. U noe those u can fry ting at the side n thr is a sort of bowl in the middle for u to steamboat at d same time. Yah yah.... I get tat. Dun laff. It is useful, okayz. So, when wanna cum Steamboat n Teppanyaki at my house? Or probably a Steamboat gathering? Hahah.... Seeeee, got use wan ler.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Such a Real Sicko = Risiko

Yes.... Im crawling now n not walkin or running coz Im down wif sick for 3 days edy. I din noe Im such a real sicko n eventuali Im famous of tat. Lately, I tend to forget most of my memory I once owned. Frends of mine need to recal me back by tellin d whole story. Haha...

I almost forgotten tat thr is once tat I sick like tml neva comes like tat. Bcoz I sick for almost a year back in college. Actually I kinda forget bout tis until recently when I fal sick again den my jimuiz brought up tis story. Ya man. I dun tink other den close fren, jimuiz n family does noe bout tis.

For how it started n d reason Im not so sure. And Im like an On/Off machine back to then. Coz I sick tat ways. I sick for bout few days den recover den probably 2 weeks or 1 mth later I sick again. Damn... Secara purata, its kinda one mth once. I muz be neva fal sick b4 in my past life. Waahaha.....

Not only tat. Back to tat time I cant eat much n wheneva I sick I wil vomit after my meals. Jimuiz even suspect I got anorexia. Haha... Got tat possibilities too. Coz when Im kinda fully recovered, Im so thin. And for quite sumtime tat I remained in tat size.

Not much consultin doctor session if it is not to da status Im lying on bed like coma n face turns green color. Haha... Thr is once I sick for 2 weeks straight and seen 3 doctors. Muahaha.... To tink back, I can actuali write my name in d world of records.

Ok. Im goin to da doctor tnt coz I hav no choice. Tml nite is my company annual dinner. So I muz b healthy n strong like tiger to attend tat. Luck ar luck.... Pls help me to get the Mp4 in lucky draw session. Pls ar pls.... God, Im prayin hard. Thank u.

Friday, October 06, 2006

~ Happy Mooncake Festival ~

Yeay Yeay !!! Mooncake festival again. So fast past another yr. Wat was I doin last yr at tis time aer? Erm... Let me tink. (30mins past) Wait, stil tinkin. (1hrs later) Dun rush me. Got sum clue d. (2 freakin hrs) I give up. Really dun recall. Hehe...

So, here is one special mooncake I eated this yr. Outside is Jelly n inside depends wat paste dey put in. My aunt say it is home made wan. So far I tasted the Red Bean Paste, Peanut Paste, Pandan Paste and the Corn Paste if I not mistaken I din try. Here goes...

~ Jelly Mooncake ~

Next up muz be sumtin to match wif tis colourful JeMoCa. Again I dun rememba when I took this but I tink it is not long ago only. hehe... Muz be captivated by its beauty tat nite. So round n bright. I feel it look like a torch light LIGHTs. But it is a REAL MOON. Bliv me. Plsss.... Tada... Present to u my torch light. Aiks... Sorry. My Round Round n Bright Bright Moon.

~ Moon-nie ~

And not forgettin to show u the box of d mooncake. Hahah...

Ok. Im goin off d. Wanna go back taste other mooncake. Muahah...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The SHITTTT Season Again ....Part 1

This post is all about my suey-ness aer. The SHITTY Affair is back or shud I say it is the season 2? Wateva laer… Talk to last (Kong Tou Mei), one word -> SUEY!!! Dun really recalls which shit on which day d. 1 week plus d still like tat. Haihz… So, I juz blah all out.

Shit 1
~ Due to the stupid highway again. On my last day of the mth, I late for work. And thr goes my RM100 for my attendance allowance. Damn highway alwiz stuck for no particular reasonable explainable reason.

Shit 2
~ Got to noe sum Sei Pat Po mouth bitches my jimuiz. Hate tis kind of ppl. Acted SO sO So INNOCENT in FRONT of avones. Say how ppl bully her all the time la, ppl mouth bitches her la, ppl boikot her la, den treat u like her good fren like tat la. Den BEHIND of u, she be a story teller. Not those pariah story teller u noe. It is those creative script writer. Whr she noe a bit from here n a bit from thr n dunno the truth den combined avtin and make a blardy good drama. Wicked ppl like this is even more dangerous and evil den devil like me. SHIT…

Shit 3
~ I lost one side of my earring n my 2nd ear hole bleed out of the blue. Muz be “yit hei”. Haha…

Shit 4
~ My colleague is acting weird recently. He questioned too much which makes me kinda pist off. Not only the way he talks but oso the way he acts. Tat day due to sum reason I treat my office ppl for lunch. But end up only 3 of us went and I din tot of treatin the production ppl coz got about 8 persons. And tis moron colleague keep askin me why I din treat tis 1, den tat 1 ler, den why production ppl I din belanja ler. I was like “Hoi MORON !!! Now I treat or u treat. Ask so much for wat.” In my heart only la. Hehe… Not only tat, he got cough but mati-mati mau follow us go eat. Den when he drink pepsi, he cough more terrible. Den he blame me. WTF… No wonder other colleague dun tok to him tat much oso d nowdays. Coz his words is so menyampah, “Hak Yan Zhang” (cantonese). Not only tat, for bout 1 month d he got tis smell like glue. And it kinda irritates me even if he juz pass by. haha…

~ Went to a cafĂ© n celeb Mel’s bday wif SKOL as cake. Haha…Since she wana drink so we order a bucket. And it is only 2 of us. Den thr is tis group of ppl celebratin their frens bday oso. Den dunno wat tat group of di di n mui mui do la. Play throw cake wor. Then… Then wat wor? Wat else. It strike la. 2 jeans wif one piece of cake. Mind u. I noe I was once like tis but neva this too much at PUBLIC sumore. Nvm… Sumore din cum n say sorry. Nowdays kids is damn horrible, terrible, vegetable, apple n bubble aer !!! Not even 10mins they gone. Not tat I scared them off even I noe I look fierce plus after drinkin. It is Mel tat keep on take up d Skol bottle sayin lets try throwin d botol to their table see whether can reach or not. Haha… Probably from far they only manage to see Mel keep raisin d botol n tot tat she wanna throw at dem or probably tot we drunk & dangerous so dey run. Muahaha… After all I acted calm n cool even I cursed non stop.

--> Stay tune for part 2 …