Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas ~ Lonely Me

Im back to blog again. Actually there is lots to blog about but time n mood is wats block me from doin so. Suddenly juz feel like updating tis lil hell of mine. Christmas is like 1 day to go sumore n honestly I dun feel the joy n excitement of it. Dunno wats the probs or my probs. I tink the main reason is the bad time I had durin the past 2 weeks. Sumtin bad n unhappy happened durin tat short period of time. But it slowly turning beta and the probs seem meeting its end n crawling out of the darkness side. Yet I dun feel any beta. Maybe all da unhappy tings happened too sudden n cramp to happen together. Avting juz dun seem right n one of my colleague will neva feel nice if dun pick up fight wif me. Tat fella is a total F**ker n now Im shuttin him off n he oso treat me not existing. But wtf, I dun giv a damn. Aarrgghhh….Dunwan to talk bout him d. Wasting my blog space. IDIOTIC ANNOYING FELLA !!! Okayz. Stop. Lets say sumtin bout Christmas. By right I can have a fabulous Christmas but I rejected a suppose to be enjoyin n fun countdown outing due to the probs Im facin recently. Wanted to go Justin Zhe Tian concert so much tat Im sure I gonna regret n miz so much but again its another failed plan. Wtf… Im really a lonely Devil. No ones gonna care tat much anyway except Apple n Mel. As said, I cant join dem for the countdown which dey can go enjoy n leave me alone to celebrate this lonely lifeless boring Christmas but dey did not. Dey choose to celebrate it wif me mayb juz nearby wif juz a plain outing. I really touched, gals. Thanks in advance even its not happening yet but to the sacrifice u gals made. Luv ya gals. And bout our life linked, we muz make it stop n store up as the memory of 2006 n not bringin it forward to 2007. Coz its aint good tings. But if it is bout good stuffs den its ok. Let it flow. Hehe…Lastly, MERRY CHRISTMAS to avones. May all ya have a blast and bless Christmas.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Happy Feet" Fit The Happy Day

So, as u read me I went for another movie wif d 2 jimuiz n yien. We watched "Happy Feet". It is awesome bcoz it is not only funny, got-da-point, cute, cool n dey did great in addin the suitable n great songs to da movie. Not forgettin those moves. U noe, xpecially u see it in a penguin.

~We saw Mumble, so we catch it n take photo~

Funny part is we feel d cold breeze from da movie. Haha.... Being da clever me n Mel, we din bring jacket for d movie. But how shud we noe it was tat damn freaking cold in tat cinema. Superb sial cold. As like we feel da cold in da movie n we shiver to d beat of d movie. Mwahaha.... And in d middle of da movie, Mel suddenly turn to me n say she wanna get d soundtrack of tis movie. Oh well, she is juz half crazy as I do for tis movie. ^0^

Okayz. I decided to go back n bug the Devil's bro to have the DVD. Later hav to ready sum good script for my hard sell / promoting d movie to him. A muz until he buy. Mwahaha... *laff evilly* Or I can buy it my own n giv it to da Devil's bro as bday present den after tat i can hav it back. Mwahaha.... Oh, Im juz so clever n evil at da same time. N tis is wat we called shoots 2 birds wif 1 stone. Mwahaha..... After sumtime, finally thr is another outing for us. Its been sum times tat we hav not been hittin up. But nothin much tat day oso laer... Juz sum ketchup n chillies. Heheh.... Den b4 we chioz, we camwhore. Haha... Den Mel brought me to PJ for dinar. As promise, she brought me to da place tat sell Balitong (sum kind of seafood/shell name) tat she find it quite good. Ya... D sauce is not bad. After dinar, say goodbye, I drove home, sleep to end my another tiring day. Sum of da shots tat day.

P/S --> Actuali thr is few more photos but dunno wats wrong wif blogspot. After uploadin 2 photo den it wont allow me to add sumore. Damn terrible. N tis is d post for 26/11/2006. *_*