Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Postponed Journals

Hahaha.... I noe its been sumtime AGAIN tat I've not updating.Probably ppl who reads my blog get numbs d. Coz Im not a daily blogger but Im tryin to be more hardworkin. I PROMISE !!! *finger crossed* Hehe....

Ok. Let see I skipped out how many post tat I wanted and feel like bloggin so much but it juz doesnt seem popping out on da page after so long. Hehe.... Okayz. Let see da list of journals tat suppose to be up.

~ Da Postponed Journals ~
1 - Luna Bar wif Apple n da frens
2 - My Burpday Celebrations & Bday Pressie
3 - My New Hairstyle
4 - P.Dickson & Melaka trip
5 - * Suppose to blog bout no.5 now but hehehe.... *

So, total of 4 journals I need to rush up so tat I can blog bout my 5th post freely. Da 5th post onwards will be on my upcoming trips. Wonder will I blog bout da trip continuosly for a week avday without being lazy ??? Mwahaha... We will see den. Adios.....

Current Feeling : Damn freaking blardee excited tat Im goin for a trip soon. Wheeeezzz.........