Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The 1st Jimuiz Wedding

First of all, CONGRATULATION TAI KA JIE!!!!! Yeay. The 1st jimuiz among the others to get marry. As we expected already just that kind of couldn’t believe that it is happening so soon. 2 days ago, Li Ching sms all the jimuiz about the great news. I didn’t realize that I received a sms if not the CNN Apple call me. Haha….

Apple hangs up after we shouted at each other over excitement because there are few incoming calls from the other jimuiz. Mel sms me then. We chatted a while then Apple call back again. We 'bising' again about when la, how to go la, who else going la. Haha…. The wedding is like another 1 month plus to go. But we were all so excited about it like the dinner is this week like that. Okayz…Since this is a dedication, I will cut that short.

Dear Tai Ka Jie,

We were all so excited and feel very happy for you that you’ve found your another half and the right one. We believe that Alvin will pour his unlimited love on you till you suffocate. Hehe… The care for you will never go lesser but doubled each day. Happiness, wealth and health will be there for you. Lastly, wish you and your hubby all the best.

So fast in a blink of eyes, we’ve known each other for 4yrs. Really fast. The jimuiz gang started with the 4 of us and then slowly mixes with the others. Still remember how we got to knew each other. A complicated relation as you and Joyce is roommate. There is how you and Joyce knew each other. Then Mel is your classmates. Mel and I are hometown friends. So, you and Mel were the person who connected us to each other. And from there is where our gang journey begin. I’m missing the hostel life damn much. Miss those days we seeing each other everyday without failed. And now everyone is busy with life. Hope your wedding dinner is not the end of our Jimuiz gathering. Don’t wish to meet everyone only when any of the Jimuiz gets marry. Here’s the photo of our last gathering to end this dedication for you. We love you girl. We still accept aunty as our Jimuiz. Haha.........


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