Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wedding Dinner @ The Crab Island

So, last weekend I went to Pulau Ketam to attend my cousin bro's wedding dinner. My uncle has to book up a few speed boats to bring all the people who attend the dinner to the island because 70% of the people who attend the dinner are not from there. What to do. Uncle’s hometown is there and he is one of those well known rich family at the island. Is some sort of tradition also I guess. Nah…. Don’t bother so much since it’s over. Haha…

~2nd cousin sis with the husband in speedboat~

~1st Aunt and the naughty niece~

~1st cousin sis with the daughter. A lots of pattern wan lar this budak. But very cute~

~1st cousin sis family photo without the naughty niece~

~Photo of me of coz. Hehe...~

~The couple(cousin bro and the wife) and the family~

Don't ask me why so little photo. 1st is the bf fault lor. Ask him take my digicam he don't wan. Die die want to take his own digicam. When in the speed boat want to take out and snap that time only know his digicam half dying already. I was like -__-"'. Geram betul. Ish.... Then 2nd is that day keep raining. So, we rush to the port to go and come back. How to take out the-almost-dying-digicam out and snap ler.haihz... But anyway, did enjoy the short trip there.

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u reli kurus d wor..
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