Saturday, September 08, 2007

Especially For You

Dear Li Teng,

I know this is a little too late to blog about. Anyhow, I told you I will blog about it. So, here it is even I don’t know will you read this. You were one of the girls who share the same last name with me. And probably that is one of the reasons why we always have things to talk about even after sometime we don’t meet up. This is what people call connection I guess. What I like about hanging out with you is that you always be yourself. You don’t care much bout what others said and do to you. You always manage to fix that awkward moments with your laughter. You’re a happy go lucky girl and that is one of your good points in bringing people together. I always tell you that you have a short terms memory and I’m not the only one who say so plus this is the fact. Mwahaha………You don’t remember people, names, and things people told you. And it is good for you because you don’t remember sad things. But it is not good if you forget me and in some cases. Cases like when I mentioned some ex-school mates and you have no clue who am I saying. It’s really makes me feel like fainting by trying to flash back your memory and in the end you tell me it doesn’t matter or you only know who am I saying when you see the person face-to-face. *vomit blood* haha…. Eventhou we don’t spend much time together. But just want to tell you thank you for being a great friend and ‘siau cha bo’. I treasure our friendship. And to be honest, it is weird because it does feel different that you went overseas already. I shouldn’t feel this way, right? Because even you’re in M’sia, we don’t meet up often. Weird weird…. Okayz. Lastly, all the best and take good care of yourself. Don’t you ever forget this ‘tieng’ and also don’t suddenly come back and frighten me with an ‘ang moh’. Mwahaha……Here is a photo of you I pick from your friendster. See….I so good. I didn’t post up the photo that I told you I will use. Don’t tell me you don’t remember again ar. Neh…that one ler. Magazine I say I want to scan want ler. Opps….too much info. Haha…. Carez!

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